Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens – with that raw touch of the first Blues bands and a lot of details for even the most demanding ears. With a strong bass that gives firmness to each musical structure. A guitar that utters aggressiveness and technique, that makes you feel traveling back in time where it was a vital part for the genre. That voice that takes you to your hidden feelings, which may make you scream, so pure and raw. And those lyrics of criticism of our daily system. The sonf reflects what you thought but never expressed. Stories of extreme emotions so peaceful and turbulent that they reflect life itself.

About The Author
- A band for those who believe, that they were born in the wrong musical epoch. Layla Roots has Guatemalan-German origins. The band dates from 2010 and consists of vocalist Rose K. and guitarist Alejandro. Three years ago Luis joined them on the Drums, giving rise to his current formation. In 2015 they changed their name to Layla Roots and composed their first Album - Only Water. With just three members the sound of Layla Roots is forceful. With a strong voice reminiscent of vocalists of yesteryear and a dark and mystic guitar sound. Old School Rock mixed with Blues and a Spice of Latin. Layla Roots, the Renesance of the Sound of a Revolution.

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