Guy!! We bring to you a solid vibe ChpNoko! By your Favorite artist NASSI B, He released a hit single few months ago featuring Elunico Socio and now he is hear vibing and to CHOPNOKO..All we have to say is listen carefully and you will love it!

Below you can see the lyrics so you can relate 100% and make sure you dont take the Noko for granted !

Chop noko👊… wooeh!..
(Mbi jzah nieh taunouh…zounah meghke taufarlenou (zieke Bwelliwy)
Mbi jzah eei fehmenou  zounah meghke fehmeh farlenou(real life))**2
Chop me hard noko…👊💥
Swag so tight a just di comot na ma loko
Bawling all day but a wise say  soiree men!.
we  need for meet up na for boko.
Mbi-mbi jzah eeih taunouh…zounah meghke taufallenou (zieke Bwelliwy)
Mbi jzah eei fehmenou  zounah meghke fehmeh farlenou(real life)
Bebs Toss me that shark  ma system need some so that a fit calm down ma   stress..
If you get a good backside then take ma address… cuz am spitting  real life girl no time to impress !!
Cuz ABI granding and working and piling the doh make all ma hommies dem danse to ma matter the weather the boy go must blow yeah the boy go must bloooww!.
Verse 2
Adey off the grid but am on the map…
Ma vision so blind but I got the swag
Riding on ma hustle time no dey for take a nap
Plenty mendem calee for hood just  di frap na frap
(🎼now dema feel me when i started no body nobi trust me (put a fake smile)
So many ghost friends showing me fake love.)
Life-life say ee hard!!ubi na don man spend that cash!
Spend that moni over this ngar demĺ with the big big niaash…
Mbi-mbi (hook)
Hey! Papa razi nodi takam easy… when i enter for their party adi spend all the Money
Givem all charge for ma name for their Bills cuz party noco end today  it’s a long journey..
From  Cameroon to Niger boi listen na ma story.. A waka fine Visa but the tin Don pass na history ….continue to  Finland but ma target boi na England..waka man story.
A trowey salut for all ma mendem and the OGs in the game chop noko!
Jovi jzahwo!,Standley Enow, Magasco wuna chop hard noko…👊👊💥
Franco , Mr Leo, Locko, Salatie chop noko👊💥
Ko-c, Tenor, Mic Monster, Big G Baba chop noko👊💥
Bonzyz, kasi, Moni k all ma mendem chop noko 👊💥
So close to ma side Tionah l’amour, Elunico Socio chop noko..


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