Nassi B Ft Socio – Number One |DOWNLOAD| SING ALONG

“Number One” by Nassi B ft Socio is an afro Pop song expressing a relationship situation were a girl is tripping after making so many promises of loyalty. Nassi B’ s verse explains how important this girl was to him and the feeling he got when he noticed some fishy actions in the relationship.

Nassi B and Socio are Finland Based Cameroonian rappers/song writers from North West and South West regions of Cameroon respectively.

Nassi B is an individual multi talented Afro trap artist whose love for music and entertainment started way back in the year 2000 when he was a juvenile dancing at that time what was commonly known as break dance in many school parties and events in his home city Bamenda Cameroon. As time went by his love for rap and Afro music grew stronger while listening to American rappers like Sisco, Nelly, Eminem, Nigerian artists like; Dagrin, MI, Ice Prince and others. Nassi B decided to express his feeling about his environment and the world in a global scale and music was the best platform to do so. In 2013 I started recording in local studios, I have a couple of unreleased singles like; Represent Ma city, ons est ou la’, Africa wake-up, and debut release Number One. ‘I am not signed to any record label but I wanna do my music with ease and express my passion and love for Africa and the world.
Friends respect Nassi B because of his ability to rhyme his verses and his unique rap style.
One of my unreleased tracks is trying to make people know that…
*the world won’t be a better place if it wasn’t for it’s cultures, that’s why we live in much hope and pride for the future*. My Vision is blind but never death! *Living Vision* is my movement (LV) ‘OneWorldOneMic’

I have been doing music for 2 years, started in 2014 and I’m working on ma first album made of 11 songs titled dream chaser getting started.
Produced by fugitivo music and Inix in spain/Barcelona and Vitoria Gasteiz. I’m not signed to any label but i keep my movement up (#mindofavision (MIND OF A VISION).Also i like to be independent so i witness and experience what it is before gettin it. i was born in Cameroon raised from the slums outta Kosala 2 then moved to Spain where i started my music career later switched lane to Finland 4 greener pastures. I hooked up with some dudes and we doing open mics and chasing dreams


IG @nassi_b1 & Elunico_socio
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Lyrics Below
You be tell me say u be my number one girl!
You be tell me say u be my number one girl!
But the way you di move fida body girl so strange!
And i can’t hold to the pain girl there’s exchange.

tell me weti u want!!
Tu m’avais dit que t’etais ma numero una!
Tu m’avais dit que t’etais ma numero una!
Mes la façon dont tu buche ton corp babe se étrange!
Et je ne peux pas supportera la blessure il y a échange!

Nassi B Verse!…

Pretty girl buddy ass shaker!
The way you move fi da’ body make MA heart shiver!
All the way down!…Aswear you be na diva!
You said you were MA number one but now udi give me fever…
I can not holdon to the pain cuz abi na leader…
For mä own life though I thought you were my number…
Adon di block so tide you call me brick layer
Now a spit a lot of shit call me beat slayer…
Aaaaaahhh!! call me beat slayer
MA hustle never dropping down cuz adey di ginger.

24\7 abi working on this shit…
You can do the mathematics though u need some hints…
Abi Counting down MA days on this shit for a month..
Had to let her go cuz she acting like a blunt
Baby to be real I CAN not stud low like a punk
aahh! Can not stub low like a punk.
Now you telling me telling me telling come back!!…aaaaaahhh! telling me to come back?!

abi working
with the pain, chilling with the pain, no turning back cuz level donc change.
Aahh! asay level donc change.
Unodi see all tin na tchack…
Boy be na tchack
MA guess be na Tchakap

SOCIO verse…
I been crying in pains and that’s too much(damn it).I’m not that type to be sharing tears.(na) Ima keep it real so u know my feelings.
You been the main thing on my mindset (set)
I can’t sleep girl I’m so upset.(set)
I feel distressed and I’m fed up(sos)
My emotions are puttin me on a whole pressure
You telling me all these fake promises

A put u so u want go so.
a d sing this song but ma head d hot.(hot)
You tell your friends say I’m not the man(man)
You d roam around now with other man(man)
No be so girl no be came we stay(noo)
A d work hard na for a better future
I get girls but a no fit flex(no b lie)
A no want hurt ma feelings anymore (braaah)
ma leave you solo then a work hard(hard)
A rest ma case cuz a don tire you. (4real)

Mami Escucharme cuando to te hablo(escuchame)
Estoy trabajando para nuestras vidas( sii)
Y eso tu no puedes comprender(ooh)
Yo te amo (amo) yo te quiero(quiero) he dicho mil veces “preciosa”(saaa) Te dare mi vida para salvarte.(salvarte )

Nassi B Ft Socio – Number One |DOWNLOAD| SING ALONG

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