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Coronavirus – What To Do As A Musician

Coronavirus – What To Do As A Musician

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As everyone knows that Covid had spread all over the world and the whole world going into the danger zone. This virus is affecting every business and person throughout the world.

However, if we talk about the music industry it is also going down because coronavirus is everywhere.

The government ordered that everyone remain in isolation so that they can fight this coronavirus war. Therefore, we are here to discuss what a musician can do to continue their music business throughout this situation and how a musician can protect themselves from the corvid.

What to do as a Musician during this Covid

A musician should protect themselves and their audience by not going anywhere. Although if they really want to do something for themselves they can do it as instructed by CDC. remember all that we can do now is limited and at the same time unlimited. We just have to be creative and act. 

How to work online as a musician?

Musicians can utilize their skills online, they can give training to those who want to learn music and willing to start their music career. You can share some tips and tricks with their students they can become music teachers and can cash their skills online. As an artist can sell their music online on their public demand they can record their music at home and sell it online on different music platforms. It is very easy to earn online and you can and definitely promote music online.

Online Music Concerts

A musician can arrange its online concert at home by any online software like Zoom or even utilize the live functionality of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to make this happen.

Everything is easy via the internet especially during covid just need to utilize the skills. Just make a link on Zoom or any other software that you like to use.

Most of the time using the direct live feature of your social media account could be faster and easier to use. The reason you want to start this now is that people have time and if you can be consistent with coming live as a form of the concert the more they get used to it and they will always want it. 

Social Media

If you are isolated in the home but want to do something new and willing to keep your earnings going. 

Then kindly choose social media as your major music promoting platform we suggest. because amazing results have been recorded about the magic social media can do.

What you can do as a musician? Just make a short video with your phone spice it up a little, getting it ready for your social media.

Make it obvious to your fans and followers it was specially done for them and get their feedback. you can also upload on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Just keep creating those content during this period and even after coronavirus is over repeat the above advice. remember Content is one of the keys to your success as a musician. 

Post Your Songs On different music platforms

As you have uploaded your recorded music on different platforms like Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many others which are top-notch.

It will be a great idea to sit down use google to search for a platform that can accept your submission Like searching the key phrase “legit music promotion companies” will draw you closer to finding those platforms.

This will never harm you rather it will add to your total reach during this covid as you are going to be exposed to more music lovers around the world. remember nowadays people are indoors so they will also have more time to listen to more songs. 

Coronavirus has been left a very deep effect on society so be ready for that it is not a joke but we have to find different ways to manage this situation. This is not a problem of just a single person it is a problem for everyone so take a deep breath and start work at home because no one has a working vaccine for this COVID yet.

I hope we all can fight this coronavirus stay safe and stay at home.

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