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5 Mistakes To Avoid As a Musician

5 Mistakes To Avoid As a Musician

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The music industry is competitive and could be overwhelming if you don’t follow the proper steps and strive to put more effort into your work. There are many common musician mistakes, however, you need to learn from those mistakes to be a step ahead in your journey. It is rightly said that good people make mistakes and learn from them, but the champions learn from the mistakes of others and imply them to skyrocket their success. Your music career is not limited to one song or one video. Thus, even if you are a beginner or an expert in your industry, you need to know about the mistakes that other people committed in your industry and learn from them.

Be it from the marketing perspective or song creation aspect; you need to be vigilant about your targeted demography and location trends. Your social presence is your biggest asset in succeeding. Thus it becomes crucial that you contact your fan base, follow the right and targeted marketing, and employ professionals to assist you in video and song creation.

Here we have listed the five most common musician mistakes and how you should avoid them to reach the top:

1. Fail to realize the micro-niche.

Any business person’s most classic mistake is to assume that the entire market is their targeted audience. If you think you could target everybody, then maybe you won’t target anybody. In marketing terms, if your content product, or service is for every person in the room, then there is a probability that you could miss impressing even one of them.

From a different perspective, you need to know your area of expertise or your preferred genre. If you don’t maintain consistency, there might be an increase in churn because people would fail to get what they expected from you. Musicians generally complain that they want to try unique genres or their music doesn’t fit their existing style. This case is different. If you aspire to try unusual things, then it is terrific unless you do it to copy somebody else. People follow you for who you are and how extraordinary you are in your field. Your consistency would measure your growth. Know your strengths and use them to build your music empire.

2. Assume that music would go viral itself with the power of digitalization.

Digitalization has connected the world, and it is easier to find a proper market fit and connect with the right audience. The rule is simple: if you work hard and put the exemplary efforts, nothing stops you unless you don’t have good music. However, we know that your passion for music guarantees extraordinary and emotionally connecting music. Still, if you don’t put it in front of the right audience and expect it to sell well, then you are in a state of wishful thinking.

We don’t say marketing is easy. However, there are steps to excel here. You need to know your customer persona and maintain your style. Then, you could leverage the power of social media advertisements to boost your online presence. There are other areas like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing that need your attention. Music Video Hype also helps young musicians find their product fit and get exposure in the digital sphere and prevent this common musician mistake.

3. Underestimate the power of connecting with the audience is one of the common musician mistakes.

Musicians in the 19th or 20th century must have complained that they don’t have an easy way of connecting with their right audience. But, we are fortunate to live in a world revolutionized by the internet. You simply have to send a notification popup to your audience on when you’re going live. And again, you merely have to use your phone or laptop to come and talk with your fan base.

It is a significant drawback that in this 21st century, many musicians still don’t come live often, or network properly with people, or even care at all about their online presence. You have an opportunity to connect and build special solid bonds with your fans and sell your merchandise or songs through social commerce. People love you anyways. They follow or buy from you because they like you. And if you are afraid of some criticism or negative comments, then you must remember that for one hater, you have many fans as well who wish to see you succeed. 

4. Self-doubt or unable to handle failures and rejections.

In this creative world, you could leverage your stardom and be an entrepreneur. It is never easy for an entrepreneur in the beginning. There are challenges, risks, losses, rejections, betrayals, distractions, etc., but you’ll have to handle them to thrive. Nobody starts from the top. Instead, everyone starts from level zero, and with their hard work and caliber to control negativities, they reach the top. These musician mistakes must be avoided by you.

You won’t be having a million subscribers or a million views on your first video. Nobody gets that. Instead, if you take this rejection to focus more on your niche and work harder to strive, then you could easily see yourself in one of those top musicians. Try to connect with other influencers or contact music bloggers to talk about you. Also, look for platforms that promote music and that fit your budget. For no reason, let negativity control your thoughts. You would be successful, and there is no question regarding this. But, be strategic in your marketing efforts and work harder to make better music every day.

5. Overlook Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels, and for no reason could you overlook this channel of marketing. Try to use Customer Relationship Management tools to handle the workload and bring a personalized experience to your customers. There is a 50% more chance that people would click your email if you have leveraged personalization in your emails. You can send benefits like advance information about your next music or early access to tickets for your next concert.

Many musicians have succeeded in creating a good lead source for their merchandise store through email marketing. Overlooking email marketing is a serious musician mistake.


Music promotion is a crucial phase of any musician’s journey to success. However, you need to be vigilant with your strategies and steps to make sure that you avoid avoidable mistakes. People don’t leverage social media to promote their music or connect with their loyal fanbase, which is a sheer disappointment as it kills their prospect of success like never before. Focus on your micro-niche and genre to maintain consistency in your songs to avoid those musician mistakes.

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