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Musician-Dancers Collaboration

Musician-Dancers Collaboration

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The music industry works in a harmonious collaboration of musicians and dancers. The audience enjoys the music and loves to experience the choreography of the dancers. Music is soothing and is a way to express oneself with words and melody.

Similarly, dancers express themselves with their dance moves and choreography in a visual manner. In the industry, both these sections of artists work with the sole purpose of engaging and attracting the audience. However, both are incomplete without each other.

There have been incidents when a particular song got hit because of the dance videos. And in some cases, dance videos went viral because of the song. This scene is quite apparent for many. However, most people don’t realize if we combine the efforts of both dancers and singers to bring a hit, then how amazing it could be.


Obviously, the “Why?” is the most important question here in this topic. Why, as a musician, should you collaborate with dancers to promote your video? And the next question could be why, as a dancer, you should choreograph for a new musician or a “not so” hit song.

Well, the point of view that we have for this “Why” is that everyone is here to succeed. We believe it is easier to grow when you are in a team. As it is said, “Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. 

Whether you are a singer or a dancer, you want more eyeballs for your art. And, it is pretty apparent. The amount of hard work artists put in their art needs to be presented in front of the right audience. As it is said in marketing to follow the targeted audience, similar happens in the entertainment industry. You must make efforts to fulfill what your viewers want.

Music is soothing relaxing, and exciting, but when viewers want more visuals, they aspire to have dance videos to entertain themselves in both of these ways. As we have seen in TikTok and Instagram reels, people enjoy music when they have short videos to complement their favorite songs. However, not every piece is a hit, and if you are new to this industry, it will take time to be at a spot where your songs get hit without any effort.

Similarly, in the case of dancers, we know that you wish to follow the trend to get more followers and views on your masterpiece. However, if you’re following the trend, it is evident that hundreds of thousands of people must also be doing the same. Thus, the hashtags or music of your choice must already be a lot crowded to get any attention.

However, to be noticed, you have to be different. If you choreograph for the local or starting-phase musicians, who worship their art, then you might be the one to create a trend. Everybody starts from zero. But, anyone who puts effort is destined to succeed. Thus, if you both use your micro-influence and spread word of mouth in your connections, then this act would mutually benefit your dance or music.


MusicVideoHype has the objective to help artists get more attention for their masterpieces. At the present stage, we help market music videos and create a buzz around them. However, we realized dancers are underrepresented in the industry, and musicians need dancers to reach a wider audience.

Thus, we have decided to also work in this direction to reduce the gap between the two highly interconnected artist sections. As a dancer, you could FILL OUT OUR FORM and be an eminent free partner with us. And, the next time a musician contacts us, we could help connect the right dancers with them.

However, by no means do we aspire to end this journey here. Our only motive is to help both dancers and musicians. Thus, as per our ‘Terms and Conditions’, musicians would have to share the dance video on their main channel, and similarly, the dancers would do the same. This content strategy and the content process would be mutually beneficial for musicians and dancers.

Music Video Hype believes that this would be beneficial as there would be a mutual digital promotion of both that will ultimately fulfill the aim of bringing more eyeballs and ears to your dance or music.


How many times have your analytics shown that people stopped watching your dance video after some seconds? As per the statistics, you might have experienced it most of the time. One possible reason could be that they have already seen many dance videos for that trending song in their feed. However, don’t you feel that people who genuinely follow you could watch your video for a longer duration if the music were very different?

Let’s take it a step ahead. Imagine the musician is someone from your area or country. Don’t you think it could bring a sense of excitement in the audience’s mind that they know both? Yes exactly. That is our motive and purpose. We plan to make this journey fundamentally so strong that people couldn’t resist loving and sharing word of mouth with their connections. Also, with proper e-commerce SEO, you could sell your merchandise and monetize with fame.

And as a musician, did you know that people love user-generated content more than brand-created content. In this scene, you are the brand, and the only thing stopping people from believing that they love your song is no social sign. User-generated content works as a social acceptance factor. Why do the famous ones in the music industry get so much user-generated content?

The first reason is obviously that people love the song. Secondly, everyone else is doing the same, which ignites the sense of following the trend. What we have to say is, “Create the trend.” If one dancer dances on your song, then most probably others could also do the same, and it would ultimately help you create the trend. We don’t say it’s easy, but what we believe is that it is worth it. You could also follow this digital marketing agency hiring tips to find the right promoter for your brand.


A healthy relationship takes time to build, hence I will say you must be careful as a musician when trying to build a business relationship with dancers because if you do it the wrong way, it will pass a negative signal to your potential musicians-dancer collaboration. I know you will be asking already how do I build a relationship with dancers?

Let’s say for example you feel so pushed to work with a particular dancer on a new project i.e your new song, Instead of just sliding into the dancer’s DM, what I would rather do is ask for his or her opinion about your music and accept feedback and work with it for your next project, why this? you may ask, This is a subtle way to establish a relationship before any other thing.

When you naturally establish a relationship with dancers, I promise you, you will benefit from it a lot. According to our CEO, Wealthyshezzy1 “You will be surprised how working with dancers will change your music career” the thing we want you to take home here is to make sure you create your dancer musician relationship naturally by establishing a conversation then disclose your intentions down the line. The music video marketing process would be smoother.


The entertainment industry is competitive and to thrive in such an atmosphere you need allies.

Many times you might have heard that to walk long distances you need allies who are walking down the street with the same motive.

As a dancer, you would have the following benefits:

1. New song collection to surprise your audience with a different vibe.

2. The “go-to dancer” image who never hesitates in trying and supporting locals.

3. Publicity and exposure to the singer’s audience.

4. More content for consistent interaction with the audience with dance videos.

5. More connections to establish oneself down the line.

As a musician, we estimate the following benefits:

1. More user-generated content(in the form of dance videos) to capture the attention of the new audience.

2. More shout-out to your music, ultimately leading to more listeners.

3. Entertain people through music and dance.

4. Access to talented dancers without a big hole in your wallet.

5. A guaranteed and smooth transition of the contract with a promise of MusicVideoHype.


MusicVideoHype has taken a new initiative to help dancers and musicians thrive together and reach great heights of success. Under our plan, we promote musicians to hire and collab with local dancers to create dance videos for them. This move works as a UGC for musicians and a unique method of acquiring customers (fans) like never before.

We “MusicVideoHype” works as a guarantor and helps in the smooth transition of the process. We have world-class dancers who could help you get enormous fame and success with their awesome choreography.

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