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How do I make My YouTube Videos Go Viral?

How do I make My YouTube Videos Go Viral?

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YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. According to a report by Hootsuite, people watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day. YouTube has around 2 billion monthly logged-in users. Still, this value entirely under-represents the total number of monthly users as it is possible to watch videos on YouTube without even logging in.

YouTube is a vast empire in the world of videos. Thus, as a musician, you need to publish your music videos continuously or other short stories like background scenes to constantly communicate with your YouTube family.

There are many examples of musicians who have gained subscribers in millions. And with the number of people on YouTube and quality content from your side, it is achievable for you as well.

What are the best practices for making a YouTube video to make it viral?

1. Focus on creating quality content for your YouTube videos.

It is highly essential that you make videos that could enrich the lives of people. The sole purpose of your video should be to add value to people. Nobody is interested in the promotional videos except your prime clients. Thus, if you could create unique and out-of-box videos, your video will have a high prospect of going viral. Tell stories and keep in mind the empathy map of your viewers.

Try to distinguish which people generally view your video and create videos curated for them. Again, this method could resonate your story with your people. And, there is a high chance for them to engage with your videos. After all, a higher engagement rate always appeases the algorithm, be it any social platform.

2. Follow YouTube SEO steps to rank in organic search results.

For content marketing purposes, try to find keywords that people generally search for. You would see that some keywords have a higher volume and have lower search difficulty. If you focus on such keywords, then there is a chance for you to get direct SEO traffic.

  1. Optimize your video title and add the targeted keywords at least once. Try to keep your title direct, descriptive, and insightful.
  2. Optimize your YouTube tags and description box so that the search engine understands the relevancy of the video.
  3. Add a call-to-action in your video to ask people to comment, like, share, and subscribe. A higher engagement rate always appeases the algorithm.
  4. Add closed captions in your video. YouTube crawlers understand your videos with the help of captions that you add.
  5. Try to keep your file name optimized. Add proper keywords and make it descriptive.

3. Leverage social media platforms to get more visibility to your YouTube videos.

Once you’ve created quality content, it is your job to bring more eyeballs to your video. A quality video is only half the work done, and the rest is promoting your video. People should know that you’ve put up something valuable for them.

Use LinkedIn native videos to connect with a professional group and follow the optimal steps like proper hashtags and an excellent description to get more organic reach.

Instagram stories and the swipe-up features are yet another powerful tool to direct people to your video. Promote your video on your Facebook page as well. Ask your followers to engage and share the videos so that more and more eyeballs get shifted to your video. Your quality content could do the rest of the work, like involving and adding value to people.

4. Pick up the most engaging thumbnail for your YouTube videos.

YouTube is a visual platform. People won’t read your description but see your thumbnail and decide whether or not to watch your video. The digital world is competitive, and the attention span of people is also significantly less.

You’ve got around a second or two to capture the attention and hold it for a significant time so that they click and watch your video. You could take inspiration from other fellow YouTubers who are predominant in your niche. Also, try to look at the trend and adapt your marketing tricks with the continuous trend in the market.

5. Post videos on a regular basis.

Every social algorithm would love your channel or page if you continuously add valuable content. YouTube has a tremendous scope to grow your number of subscribers. Thus, it is necessary for you to put in some daily quality work to hit. Everyone wants to grow on YouTube, and the competition has sky-rocketed in recent times.

Thus, you need to be out-of-box, unpredictable, and regular on this second most popular search engine to boost yourself. It will be great to post videos every week, or at least once in two weeks. Never be afraid of trying new ideas, and keep in touch with other influencers and industry experts of your niche to sky-rocket your online presence.

6. Keep in touch with bloggers who blog in your niche.

The industry leader bloggers have a high audience base who may like to feature your videos in their blog. Also, when you are in the growth period, every single recommendation would help in your growth. Also, Google has begun to add videos as the featured snippet and rank them at position zero. But, to get to that position, your blog should rank at least on the first page. We know SEO is complicated for a new website. Thus, getting featured on a website already performing well in the search results could bring you immediate eyeballs.

You could outreach the bloggers or contact them on their social media handles. You can persuade them on how your video could add value to their audience. After all, every influencer tries to be more genuine and legitimate in front of their targeted audience.


YouTube could be the most effective marketing platform for your brand. Also, video marketing has turned out to be the most effective channel to inform people. And for musicians, YouTube could be a boon to create sensations around their name. You should promote your videos on all the other social channels to bring more eyeballs to the video.

Always follow the YouTube SEO steps before uploading the video on the platform. Encourage your community to engage in your videos. YouTube is the best place for you to create goodwill around your name with valuable content that could enrich your viewers’ lives.

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