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Denzell Terrell "Keys To Ya Heart" (Music Video)

October 19, 2021 1193 Views

About Denzell Terrell
Denzell Terrell has all the components of an exceptional R&B singer. He’s got the smooth-talking, free-flowing vocals with the right mix of racy lyrics that melt into melodic instrumentals. With hints of gospel music from his early start as a church singer, Terrell creates a harmonious blend of different genres for a rich new take on R&B. But being a legendary artist takes a deep understanding of the art of music and the framework behind it. This is where Denzell Terrell’s true talents shine. Beyond being a vocalist, he’s also an instrumentalist, producer, and engineer, crafting his music from the barebones into robust jams. His dedication to becoming the best comes with the anticipated release of his debut visual album, Pursuit to Prevail. Each passion-laced song refreshingly washes over you, making it the type of music you want to share with someone truly special.

About the video

In his latest track, “Keys to Ya Heart,” Denzell Terrell lets his silky voice flow through your whole body. The music video for this jazzy R&B staple opens up with the artist cruising through the streets of LA in his slick Mustang as he sings romantic and lustful lyrics. He picks up his girlfriend to explore Hollywood, making stops at the Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Pier, intercut with him soulfully singing in his studio. The visuals and cinematography are breathtaking, providing a new view of California. The video exudes the feeling of euphoria and comfort that you feel around someone you care about. At its core, “Keys to Ya Heart” is a genuine love song, all about letting your guard down with the one you love.

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