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Facebook Advertising: A Complete Guide For Musicians

Facebook Advertising: A Complete Guide For Musicians

July 3, 2021 1908 Views

Facebook advertising requires attention from your side. You need to make sure you are targeting the right audience and providing the right message to them. Facebook is a giant for marketing, with 2.8 billion monthly active users and 1.8 billion daily active users.

As a musician, the right type of ads and right targeting is crucial to succeeding at this excellent but crowded place. You have options like images, videos, carousels, full-screen experience(instant experience), and Collection (multiple shopping posts) to choose from.

To leverage the Facebook ads, you need to have a Facebook page. Otherwise, you could only run Desktop Right Column ads.

How to create an account with Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook restricts you from running ads from personal pages. Thus, you should have a Facebook business page.

Under the business section at Facebook, you would find tools, and in the subsection of tools lies the ads manager. For your convenience, here is the link to the ads manager.

After this step, you’ll have to click on “Go to Ads Manager.” You’ll be asked to complete the information and set the payment method. The steps are simple and intriguing.

Ads manager is where you could run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network.

How to create new ads for Facebook Advertising?

After you have logged into the ads manager, you’ll get an empty dashboard, and at the top left corner lies a green button named “Create”. At this step, you must know the objective of the campaign. There are options like conversions, web traffic, brand awareness, boosting a post, etc. If you want to get more sales in your merchandise store, tickets, or music, then you can choose conversion or lead generation as an objective. Otherwise, if you want to create more brand awareness or hype about your upcoming video, you could easily decide your ad objective.

After choosing the objective, you could upload your ad creative, formulate ad copy and check how your ad looks on different devices. Facebook provides you with three options to display ads: Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, and Desktop Right Column. When you create a design for your ad, you should remember that Facebook imposes certain rules, like your ad image must not include more than 20% of the text.

In addition, for single image ads, the Ad headline limit is 25 characters, and the text limit is 125 characters. Also, the recommended image size is 1080 x 1080 pixels, including the call-to-action. You can refer to a digital marketing agency for assistance.

How do I choose my targeted audience for Facebook Advertising?

The best part of advertising on Facebook is that you could get very specific with your targeted audience. However, it is not so easy to find the exact right fit the first time. It is advised to run ads with several options to target to find the best one to pour big money. Here are the options for finding the right audience fit that you could choose from:

Location: Facebook allows you to be very specific with the location of the people you are targeting. You could choose a state, district, country, Zip Code, working place, living place, etc. If you are trying to get more attention in a local area, you could promptly narrow down your target location.

Demographics: Being a musician, it is common that you have a fan following from people of a particular age, gender, etc. You could again narrow down the targeting options by being more specific about your audience, like their language, relationship, work, financial, generation, etc. Understanding and analyzing the right demography is the first bet towards a successful campaign.

Behavior: You might want to retarget an audience that just visited your website, subscribed to your blog, or performed an activity that makes them the right set for your targeting. You could use Pixel by Facebook to target people based on their latest interactions and activities.

Engagement Rate: Interest is the first step before purchase. When a particular person like your page, comment, or shares your posts, there is a high probability that they might be interested in what you have to offer. It is also a good tactic to target people who have a high engagement rate with what you share online.

Monitor your Facebook ads campaign

You could easily analyze and track your ad performance on Facebook ad manager and make changes in real-time to get the best output. As a musician, if you promote your video, you could easily track how many people viewed your music video and how much percent of the video they watch.

Suppose you were promoting merchandise, sale of tickets, or music. In that case, you could still track how many people visited your website, clicked on the call-to-action triggered by you, or how many viewers added your product to the cart(or completed the purchase).

The success or failure of your campaign depends on the objectives behind the campaign. Thus, it is vital that you efficiently put forward the message to your viewers.


Facebook advertising is simple to follow. Take actions based on the objective of your campaign. Then focus and invest time in understanding who is your target audience.

Keep a budget ready and schedule the time when you want to post your advertisements. Another important aspect for you is to add proper call-to-action(CTA). Facebook allows you to have various CTAs. Thus, decide the CTA with the objective and targeted person in mind.

Also, you could easily create several campaigns and target people based on their positioning in the funnel. Once you keep all these factors in mind, you are all set to have a successful Facebook ads campaign.

You should have a go-to-market strategy for better results.

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