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Greg Hoy & The Boys “Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell” (Music Video)

January 24, 2022

About Greg Hoy & The Boys
Greg Hoy has taken on many roles throughout his career, from his early start in the tech industry to becoming a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording producer, and label owner. He has seen each and every moving part of the music scene, which means he knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk. His vast knowledge is what makes Greg Hoy & The Boys a well-oiled machine, cranking out tunes to the likes of Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Beatles. The band is dedicated to expanding its creative artistry in more ways than one. While touring across the US in a ’73 Airstream last Autumn, the group filmed a documentary of their adventures and observations on retro-rock music for a web series called Limited Mileage. By allowing fans a glimpse into their rock and roll, road warrior lives, whether through their music or web series, it is clear that Greg and his formidable bandmates connect with fans of all walks of life and from all demographics. Take a listen to the band’s other hits like “Highway 101” and “Here Comes The Light” and discover a truly unique passion for all things rock!

About the video
Breathing new life into an old classic, Greg Hoy & The Boys take us 50 years into the past to revisit ZZ Top’s “Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell.” Hoy explains the choice to cover this song came from the events of recent years: “Part of the reason this song spoke to me is the breakup of lots of things. The breakup of systems we trusted, I’ve had people close to me pass away…I’ve advanced that to the idea of accepting loss and that everything isn’t permanent”. Capturing a mournfully soulful feeling, Greg Hoy brings the timeless lyrics into a modern frame. The music video beautifully captures the power and emotion behind the song through the band’s performance. We get to see Greg, painted as a struggling artist living out of his 73′ Airstream, haunted by the thought of his ex-lover. The band truly went above and beyond to honor this iconic song and serves as a perfect introduction to the band’s artistry.

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