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Interview/Exclusivity: Who Is VICARMAN? And What He Has In Plan

Interview/Exclusivity: Who Is VICARMAN? And What He Has In Plan

November 10, 2016 1565 Views

We have an exclusive and unique artist in the house today and he is set to make a new record in the music industry around the world, especially in Africa. There are no doubt that out of millions of artist in the same genre, he is one to watch out for, who is vicarman? It’s our pleasure to introduce to you VICARMAN.

Vicarman was born and raised in Warri, Delta State but hails Edo state, Nigeria and he has a lot to let you know before he drops his new single titled “CALLING” read on.

Vicarman who is a Reggae-Soul/Dancehall artist – though also fiddle with other genres because of his versatility- believes that he can make his Nigerian fans proud within the country and outside. He said he will definitely collaborate with other great Nigerian and none Nigerian artists because that is the joy of music- sharing what you have is a privilege.


When asked what’s “Calling” all about, He said, “It’s just a love-trapped song about a girl enticing a guy with the way she moves and the way she looks. Noticing this, the guy decided to go for her not knowing that the pretty girl is not ready for That yet- maybe! Or maybe she’s just proving hard to get.” and all details as been voiced, and also shot already.

Some great hands have touched this project and we will love to hear who they are, Vicarman and Fibre Music made it clear that the song was “produced by ace producer Ebase for Fibre Music and the video was directed by Akin Alabi, who is one of the best cinematographers in Nigeria. The song is a combination of Dancehall and modern Trap beat in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Even though we at Fibre Music believes in creative and quality sound, we also have the current trend in mind in order to carry our fans along. They said.

Vicarman who said the reason he chose to do a song that is not so similar to most Nigerian artists is that he believes in uniqueness and that Nigerians are very eager to feel the music in another dimension. This is to the fact that our Nigerian entertainment is growing very fast that it cannot contain a stereotyped pattern of doing music. There are lots of Nigerian and foreign artists that have set the paste. It is left for us upcoming to be creative with it and not to copy and paste.

He once dropped a single titled “For Too Long” which gained airplay and also available for downloads. He added; “I pray my album will not take for too long to drop”.

Here is what will surprise you!! The audio and video of “CALLING” will drop on the same day. with massive promotion across the globe to be powered by MVHteam.

This is just a little beginning of a great future and carrier, because “I know God’s favor is available unto us.” I am not alone in the FibreMusicWorld. We have other great men and women in the house who can decide to be elsewhere but because of the love, we share we remain family.

Check Out Vicarman’s Artist Profile below and click follow him up as the new single is going to drop exclusively.

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