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James Cole “Live Forever”

December 23, 2020 1344 Views

Right there, in the scalding second verse of “Live Forever,” his latest single, James Cole tells us that he raps like his life depends on it. He’s not exaggerating. The young vocalist delivers every word he writes with the absolute conviction of a true believer in the power of music to make an indelible impression on listeners. That urgency – that compulsion to connect – is what “Live Forever” is all about. It’s a statement of intent from an artist coming into his own, determined to release music that leaves a legacy.

About James Cole
Now, mind you, Cole isn’t always this serious. Some of his past work – the playful, hedonistic “Type Of Guy,” for instance – is the exact sort of pure party music you’d expect to get from a talented rapper and singer who has yet to leave his teen years behind. But even those songs are, upon closer inspection, sturdily constructed, wittily written, and passionately performed. They might seem ephemeral, but they’re built to stand the test of time. Unusual for a young performer, Cole has a clear sense of the big picture. He’s trying to tell a personal and deeply resonant story – not on a single song, necessarily, but across the tracks he’s released already, and the many projects he plans to release in the future.

About “Live Forever”
And while “Live Forever” addresses a serious subject – the quest for artistic immortality, and the dedication and vision required to attain legendary status – it’s not inconsistent in tone and approach with the singles that have established James Cole as an entertaining new hip-hop voice. As always, Cole is funny and sharp-eyed, playing with words, varying his flows, and deftly matching his inflections to the beats’ sound and intensity. His observations, jokes, and asides come at the listener in flurries: he’s on his toes, and he expects his listener to be, too.

About the video
The alacrity and sense of humor that animates Cole’s songs comes through in the clip for “Live Forever.” The video imagines Cole stranded on a deserted island after it closes to tourism due to the pandemic – a realistic scenario since the island off the coast of Florida were the video was filmed, along with other Florida beaches were closed for months due to COVID 19. As James finds himself alone, surviving on the land, he soon makes himself master of his surroundings. Notably, while Cole is learning new survival skills, he also uses the solitude to hone his lyrical skills – he’s shown perfecting his craft, demonstrating his dedication to verse. The message is clear. although the isolation of 2020! was a set back in many ways, James is going to emerge in 2021 a better, sharper, more focused performer – one ready to make history.

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