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Kyle Knight-By Any Means Necessary (Official Animation Video) Malcolm X Tribute

January 31, 2024

Kyle Knight Music embraces Black History Month 2023 with the release of BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This historical track highlights the life and death of activist, Malcolm X. You can find this Malcolm X tribute on the EAST SIDE EP.

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By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Tribute)
By Kyle Knight

Verse 1
Once upon a time an activist state of mind
soapbox speeches for the incarcerated mind.
newspaper stands reading racial times
1925 X is alive!

A little bit of time somebody dropped dime
Became educated, some institutionalized.
Eyes on the prize, a civil rights leader,
hotter than a pistol, anger as a heater.

One man making change to free your mind
from the shackles and the slave brain.
Rallies up and down the street,
auditoriums packed to a full when this man speaks.

A protest down the street, police dogs unleashed.
Fire Hydrant busted, civil right disgusting.
This man changed the world before racial corruption.
By any means necessary.

Verse 2
A blown up house with kids and a spouse
No internet everything word to mouth
Jealousy and envy from the people who built him
Nearly got away with his life, almost killed him

Death threats made him flee to Mecca to learn and breathe
True brotherhood,
people with different eyes and different skin color, opposite of you and me

Phone tapped by the FBI, spoke of truth of corruption and lies, petrified to come outside
Voices echo and shout in my head
that I’m just gonna die

Global message that went, X had a bigger job to do
Freedom fighter popped thirty shots to the torso, 1965 Audubon Ballroom
X by necessary, by any means necessary

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