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Matthew Schultz x Zolo "One Wok"

August 25, 2021

Matthew Schultz kicks off this side of the summer with a creatively colorful groove as this refreshing collaborative release One Wok hits the scene. The single marks a welcomed return for the producer and artist Schultz, and introduces Zolo with equal appeal.

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Featuring a light and breezy soundscape, somewhat tropical in tone but minimalist in layers and undoubtedly pop-driven in its chord progression and build up, One Wok brings in subtle vocals for a catchy, anthemic resolve that’s subtle yet memorable.

Ultimately maintaining a mellow yet likeable mood throughout, the single feels like a contemporary hit, a mid-album highlight sort of track with a certain brightness and a welcomed fusion of genres.

From chilled-out dancehall to an indie-pop kind of chorus, with layers of hip hop effects and verses that break the rules but still feel simple and relevant, One Wok has character, and is easily recognizable for all of these qualities.

Matthew Schultz continues to mix things up in the creative pop world, and this collaboration marks an impressive step back into the limelight – as well as offering a fairly timeless go-to for whenever those isolation blues start seeping in.

Designed with style and professionalism, holding close to the essential flavors and strengths that give it a bright sense of identity, One Wok has flair, and promises to lighten the mood in just about any situation.

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