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Music Distributors – What No One Told You About Them

Music Distributors – What No One Told You About Them

March 20, 2020 2627 Views

Many new musicians don’t know about music digital distributors but they want to make their songs and music videos spread throughout the world not knowing that the key is what we want to talk about today.

if you are a newbie and want to know how to distribute your music on different music platforms physically or digitally then this article is for you. Because I am going to discuss Music Distributors. let’s get into it quickly.

What are Music Distributors?

Music distributors are those who get music from artists and spread their music into stores whether stores are physical or digital. They can also be referred to as the music digital distributors 

Physical Distributors

Physical distributors are distributors who use the traditional way of music promotion they sign contracts with music artists or record labels and then distribute their music albums into physical stores mostly the physical CDs.

Music Digital Distributors

Digital music distributors provide music promotion on different platforms digitally. These distributors plugin music online such as Spotify, iTunes, and AmazonMp3 to help you reach the maximum audience.

DMD is more popular in music promotion because nowadays the majority of people use the internet and mobile phones and listen to music digitally.

Let’s discuss some Distributors how to promote music digitally on different platforms for you. meaning you don’t have to do anything to get your song published.

The most popular music distributors online that I recommend are:


Distrokid is the Music distributors’ platform that spread tracks into different stores and streaming platforms. It charges $19.99 yearly for a single artist, offering upload of unlimited tracks and songs and providing 100% rights to their artists and royalties. I have put this first because the offer is reasonable and affordable for uprising artists with less budget. Jump in now and start increasing your exposure and get paid also.

CD Baby

CD Baby is a music distributor service they charge $9.95 for a single song, $49 for the complete album, and 15% on the artist’s royalties. They distribute music in 150+ download services and streaming around the world. It also gives you the key access to geographic and geographic data when you use their service for your music distribution.


Tunecore spreads your music into 150 streaming platforms or digital stores. It costs you $9.99 for a single song and $29.99 for a single album. Tunecore provides 100% profit to the artists which they earn from downloads sales, and streaming revenues.


Ditto music distributor service distributes music into 200 music stores, which includes all the major platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and many others. It charges about $22 per year for unlimited releases. Ditto has three packages for distribution that is available for music artists which include Professional, Label, and Artist. They provide you 100% of your royalties, tracking sales with daily analytics and 24/7 support.

Record Union

Record Union provides a free account registration service and takes charges on every release. It has three packages available for the distribution of music which depends on the number of stores that you want to deliver your track. The union Record price for a single release is $7 and they take charges per year from their artists.

Spinn Up

It is an independent music distributor service that is acknowledged by Universal Music Group. They also provide free sign up like Record Union its single music release starts from $9.99. Spinn Up delivers your tracks into 44 streaming platforms and music stores. It also provides 100% rights and royalties to its artists. Their top music that was uploaded from their platform was sent to the Universal Music Group team.

Amuse music distributors

Amuse is a platform that spreads your music into different streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Google Music, iTunes, YouTube, and many others. But the best thing is, it provides a free release service. You can use this platform directly from your mobile app by uploading your music. When your music will download by the audience from the amuse app then you can withdraw your money with one simple option.

There are lots of music distributors in the market and you can choose any of them which you like but if you are a newbie and don’t have enough money then the best music distributors will be Amuse and Distrokid.

Different streaming platforms and still get a cool return as an artist. 

Keep making amazing music!

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