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How can I promote my music internationally?

How can I promote my music internationally?

June 8, 2021 2020 Views

Passion for music is vital to succeeding in the music industry. However, the world needs strategic thinkers who can map out a strategy to promote their music worldwide. The world is connected digitally. Thus, it is easier to target people who like you or your music genre. It is no secret that one viral video has the caliber to bring you in front of a vast audience. But how do you do it?

If you have chosen music as your ultimate career option, it becomes more vital for you than ever to concentrate heavily on how you could communicate with your audience. There is a heated debate on whether the music industry is saturated. However, if you have been continuously putting efforts to create quality and excellent music, then you still have a chance to amass a superb follower base on the internet. There is a 4.66 billion digital population that makes up around 59.5 percent of the global population. Thus, there could be no better time to promote yourself in front of this vast audience. The only way to succeed in this competitive world is when a portion of this enormous digital population talks about you or your product. Thus, quality always matters the most.

In order to have an international presence and follower base, you’ll have to make a strategy instead of waiting for a video to go viral in itself. There have been instances when people got viral without any promotional plan. But, it is always wiser to try from one end to get more eyeballs after all.

Here we have mentioned the steps on how you could promote your music internationally:

1. Follow all the necessary SEO steps to get access to the international organic audience.

If you use YouTube as the prime platform to upload music videos, it becomes highly crucial for you to follow all the (YouTube)SEO steps to rank on top when searching for keywords about you. YouTube is the second most popular search engine and has around 2 billion monthly logged-in users. Thus, there is an excellent prospect of higher visibility. 

Also, it is highly recommended for a musician to have a website where they can list all the information about their music videos, concerts, links to social media channels, and other related information. However, the steps don’t end there. People would search for you on search engines like Google or Bing. Thus, to appear at the top, you’ll have to follow all the necessary SEO steps as well. To promote a music website, follow these steps:

-Keep your website crawlable by search engine bots.

-Make the website mobile responsive.

-Focus on the design to capture the attention of your prospects.

-Get quality backlinks from other websites that may be of your niche.

-Create a sensation around yourself on social media.

2. Personalized emails are the only solution to let your voice be heard.

You would be amazed to know that emails with a personalized subject line tend to have 50% higher open rates than generic ones. Many CRM tools could track your consumer’s behavior and automatically figure out which is the right time to send emails (with the recipient’s actual name) to the prospects. Also, you could use automation tools to shoot emails to people based on how they respond to a CTA. Around 90% of US adults find personalized content marketing meaningful. Hence, it is clear that people aspire to have a personal touch on the internet.

While informing people about your new concerts, draw the customer persona to fully understand your customer’s journey and focus on the most critical details. Once you care for your customers, you would notice an immediate jump in the click-through rate and you could promote music easily.

3. Leverage YouTube ads for musicians to acquire more eyeballs and brand awareness.

As your music is the prime source of income, it won’t be wrong to say that your YouTube channel is your online store where you sell your art in exchange for virality. Keep your YouTube channel professional with an attractive banner and follow a consistent thumbnail design.

There are three kinds of YouTube ads that you can bid for:

  1. True view ads- These are the ads that could be skipped in 5 seconds.
  2. Non-Skippable Ads: As the name suggests, the audience can’t skip these ads.
  3. Bumper Ads: These ads are six seconds long, non-skippable videos that play right before an actual video.
  4. Discovery Ads: If you want to target specific keywords, Discovery Ads could be the best option. They work more or less like PPC.
  5. Non-Video Ads: These are the banner ads that overlay the video or appear at the right-hand corner.

As a musician, you’ll have to decide the objective behind your campaigns and then decide which ads would work the best. Decide whether you aspire for awareness, consideration, or leads.

4. Explore Social Media Marketing to promote your music.

All of your prospects hang around on social media channels to connect and communicate. Thus, there lies an enormous opportunity for you to come into their feeds without disturbing them at all.

Social Media Marketing is the usage of paid ads to acquire a customer base that could help you achieve your goals. Excellent marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating loyal brand advocates and helping you drive leads and sales. 

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram could be the best options for promoting your music and even selling the labels. International exposure is easier when you market yourself on social media. You could also target specified demography when you advertise on these social channels. This flexibility allows you to build yourself a fan-following in any place in the world. You must check this content if you are unable to sell music. Videos are great to hold the attention of the viewers.

5. Connect with bloggers or other musicians of your targeted demography to promote music.

One of the most anticipated methods to get more connections and followers around the globe is by connecting with influencers and bloggers of the targeted demography. In the beginning stage, it would be difficult to collab with international players. Thus, local might do the vocal work for you. 

Being featured by successful bloggers who write for a targeted local community could get you immediate eyeballs as the targeted audience is keenly observing the local topics covered by the blogger. The same applies to influencers as well. 

This process can be your first step as you might have just taken the first towards success. However, once you get more focus and attention, you must contact more prominent players who have more connections and followers. After completing the milestones, you could level up the influencers you collab with.


Digitalization has given immense power to each individual to stand up and connect with a global audience. As a musician, you should focus on creating quality music and videos, and then you should strategize on promoting it to the world. The world looks for quality. And, if you succeed in hooking up people with your music, you are destined to earn a global fanbase.

To promote your music, you must follow all the SEO steps, collaborate with other influencers and musicians, leverage social media marketing and personalized emails to capture the attention.

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