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Rayon Baugh “City of God” featuring Carlene Baugh (Music Video)

March 15, 2022

About Rayon Baugh
In a world still unbridled with uncertainty and in need of encouragement, Rayon Baugh is spreading faith and love through his latest song, “City of God,” featuring Carlene Baugh. Ever since Rayon was a young child in a Christian home in Jamaica, he has been a follower of Christ. He’s also been writing songs since the mere age of 12. Now residing in Virginia, his devotion to God has only grown stronger, as the Almighty God has guided and provided for his family through their new beginnings in the land of endless opportunities. The pandemic reignited his spark to create unique reggae-style gospel music that brings uplifting messages and themes of hope, peace, and worship. However, this isn’t Rayon’s first hit. In 1992, his single “Keep Your Feet on the Ground,” which he originally wrote in 1984, made it in the top 10 of Jamaica’s Gospel festival competition. Choirs still sing this song today, and Rayon’s art is known and recognized in the Caribbean and beyond. With more life experiences and practice advancing his craft, “City of God” and Rayon’s upcoming album will be sure to please any listeners navigating life with the help of God’s goodness.

About “City of God”
The pandemic has caused people across the globe to have fear and anxiety about their futures. Many have had to come to terms with loss, not knowing where to turn next. “City of God” reminds listeners that God’s strength and refuge will get them through any obstacle life puts on their path. Leading listeners to the divine presence, Rayon extracts his lyrics directly from the Bible Psalm 46. As he sat at his piano, this verse resonated with him most, as it was a sign from above. He started to sing the psalm, and when his wife Carlene first heard the song coming together, she was impassioned and started to pray along with Rayon’s singing. Carlene being an intercessor, the delivery of her spoken word prayer within the “City of God” track carries great weight. It adds something truly special to this inspiring melody and composition of trusting and believing in God’s will for his people to overcome adversity.

About the video
In the midst of COVID-19, Rayon had high expectations from the “City of God” music video. He believed the visual shots capturing the moment he and Carlene were delivering their immaculate Bible rendition in the studio would enhance the message. However, the video surpassed his vision as there was also footage from places all over the world, incorporating the natural beauty of the Earth despite the trying times. It bears that no matter where audiences are and what is overwhelming them, there is no reason to be afraid. The visual for the “City of God” perfectly complements Rayon and Carlene’s stimulating yet soothing performance of the spiritual song.

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