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The Dirty Moogs "Hot Moms" (Music Video)

November 26, 2021

About The Dirty Moogs
When you come across a band name like The Dirty Moogs, you can’t exactly be sure what you’ll find, but one thing is for certain: you’ve never seen or heard a group quite like this. Embracing their tongue-in-cheek approach to life, bandmates Brenton Viertel, Will Gillett, Pete Thomas, Jared Hallock, and Ryan Donahue united under the same dream of inspiring listeners never to take life too seriously. The quirky and offbeat group is known for partaking in goodhearted, reckless fun, but don’t let that distract you from their calculated approach to the unique sound that they’ve curated over the past decade. Their discography is a psychedelic blend of every genre under the sun, from electronic to punk, which will take listeners on the trip of a lifetime.

About the video
“Hot Moms” isn’t what you think it’s about…well, actually it is, but it’s much more profound than the surface level. At its core, the minimalist lyricism of this track serves as an ode to parenthood and all the “hot moms” and “cool dads” juggling life with kids while still finding time to let loose. The hypnotizing, melting vocals linger like a heatwave as the instrumentals pull you into a groovy state of mind. The mesmerizing song is accompanied by an equally playful music video that highlights what it means to be a parent, from getting peed on while changing diapers to washing baby bottles on repeat. The Dirty Moogs remind us to cherish these moments and to find humor in day-to-day life.

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