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YouTube Music Video Promotion: Ultimate Guide For Fast Result

YouTube Music Video Promotion: Ultimate Guide For Fast Result

January 13, 2020 3320 Views

Many people don’t know how they can do youtube music video promotion and get more subscribers and views on their YouTube Channel.

We decided to make a guide for those who are new to YouTube and don’t know how to promote their YouTube videos.

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks for the promotion of music videos on youtube.

Professional YouTube Channel

First, you need to create a professional YouTube channel that will look more official, and real, and help to get more subscribers and views.
Your YouTube Channel must contain a Professional profile picture, channel banner, playlist, and other platform links (your website or social media). These will make your channel more professional.

Upload Videos Continuously

Upload videos continuously on your channel, upload one video every day or two videos in a week. That will show the people that your channel is active, and it will make more subscribers to your channel.

This could be a challenge to musicians as they are not as consistent as content creators as it’s more reason you should take your SEO and youtube music video upload optimization serious.

Contact other YouTubers

To increase more fans on your YouTube channel to promote YouTube music videos, you can contact other YouTubers who have more fans or subscribers. That will name your channel or link your channel on their YouTube channel or videos. It can increase more subscribers to your channel. You can also comment on other YouTuber’s videos which will also help to increase your channel growth but make sure when you comment on other people’s channels you are not spamming as you will be punished for that rather than add valuable comments.

Do SEO for Your YouTube Channel.

To promote YouTube music videos, you need to do SEO for your channel and videos. You first have to know what people are searching for music on YouTube. You need to use keywords for your videos, use keywords in your video tags, video description, and also in the title of your video.

Watch How To Optimize YouTube Music Video

SEO increases more viewers on your videos and you don’t want to overlook this at all. I see most artists leaving their youtube video description empty if you are the type stop it today! Here is a good example of a catchy description.

Channel Analytics

You can check your channel analytics daily because when you get views on your videos, your channel analytics will show the map where more people are searching and viewing your video.

You can get an idea from the channel analytics from which area the more people are watching your video.

And it will give you the idea that which video or music is more demanding on your channel and then you can try to make more content that is more similar to that.

Share Your YouTube Music Video on Social Media

To promote YouTube music videos, you can share your videos on different social media platforms. You can share your video link on Facebook groups, or your timeline, or tag your friends on your video. It will help you to increase views on your videos and create more subscribers for your channel.

You can Share your YouTube music video clip on WhatsApp status or Instagram and give the link below the video clip that will hopefully increase views and subscribers on your newly created YouTube channel.

Make Ads to promote YouTube music videos

You can sponsor your videos on YouTube by making paid ads on them. You need to invest some money in your videos that will increase more views on the video and also subscribers. From Google analytics, you can know in which area and which age of people are watching your videos.

So you can create paid ads for the promotion of the video, and that will spread your video to that particular area where people want to listen to and watch your songs.


Promoting music videos on youtube is not so critical. You have enough knowledge before creating and uploading your videos. I hope the above steps will increase your understanding of promoting videos. Follow the above steps, and you will have many subscribers only in a few days.

To boost subscribers and views on your videos is not magic, but you need to work hard for your channel and make quality content for your viewers both existing and returning and new visitors. keep creating guys!

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