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Do you find music as an art to express yourself? Are you passionate about singing? However, we all know the sad story beyond that. For newbies especially, it’s very hard to broaden their reach by posting their composition on already saturated sites.

If that’s your story, then we have come to your rescue. Music Video Hype is Europe’s No.1 music video promotion company that aids you in providing just the platform to get recognized globally for your work. Now, ranking top on google for “music video promotion”, “music video promotion company”, and it was started by someone having a strong penchant for music, we know some talented musicians have little to no resources to get real and organic views. In a world full of artists, we get that it gets very hard to shatter ceilings and receive that HYPE your work deserves.

Make your art go viral, and build your fan-base

Why keep your art to yourself when you can spread it to the entire world. With our bulk number of regular visitors and our current thriving and optimized service, now is the time to give that momentum to your music career.

Wondering how we do that?

Firstly, we are open to submissions in all types of languages, and we welcome all forms of music videos globally. Then, we assist all the musicians, record labels, and music distributors rank higher on google by doing SEO for their submissions.

With a 45% return rate of visitors and over 2K page views per month and increasing, you’re sure to take your music to the world.

Take advantage of our strong social media presence

In the world of social media, we chose to take its leverage to broaden our reach. Just after you submit your video, we share it over with our large audience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With our interconnected method of promotion, you can reach your target audience within a jiffy.

Alongside, we also use your composition in curated posts and playlists created by us to increase your exposure.

Create that buzz within a budget

We know all this while you all must have been contemplating the price point. Well, let’s make it all easy for you! We have the most affordable packages for your music video promotion, starting at something as low as €5.

The subscription charges go on as follows:

One Time Music Video Submission (One video submission) €5

Monthly Music Video Submission (Unlimited video submission for a month) €50

Yearly Music Video Submission (Unlimited video submission for a year) €600

So, with such pocket-friendly prices, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to give trying us a thought.

Take your music career not one but manifold steps ahead

With everything turning in your favor, make the world fall in love with your music.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register yourself with us by following simple easy steps. Then, submit your video for promotion and hear back from us within 24 hours with the acceptance.

Let’s embark on this beautiful journey filled with sounds and music, and let’s make it reach the world and beyond.