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3D The Boss – Sneaky Peaky

December 20, 2021

The official music video for 3D The Boss’ “Sneaky Peeky” from the album ‘Push It’.

Sneaky Peeky addresses the sensual, sexual curiosity and imagination that are both part of human nature. Yet, many lack the courage to explore who they really are and move forward with confidence, because of self judgement. In this song, Boss Lady establishes herself as a powerful Queen who has explored herself, defined who she is and essentially says, you’d better have it together before you step to me or you “ain’t got no shotty!”

3D The Boss is an R&B, Pop and Funk group that uses our original music to empower our listeners to love and live a healthy lifestyle.

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3D The Boss is the official Ambassador of the YourDay Balance Game ‘YDBG’. Each member of 3D The Boss is a Balance Coach.


@Chanda Leigh
@Lady Bass
@Day Adeogba

Sneaky Peeky
Written by 3D The Boss

Verse 1:
Wax it down
Adjust the crown

C. Lei the boss lady
Taking over now

The words you talk
Are at a loss

Watch you la la
With my itchy kitchy ya ya

You know you really want this body
You know that you ain’t got no shottie

Watch my silhouette
Make your body sweat

Grab your Kleenex
I think you know what’s next

Chorus 1 – 4x
You wanna Sneaky Peeky
cause you’re so freaky deaky

YOURVerse 2:
Life is fabulais

Thought you were gay
I set you straight

Now they wanna snitch
Cause they can’t touch my stitch

I’m the Gaga, Iggy and Michelle Obama


You’re moving too fast
It’s getting hot
You know it won’t last
If I’m on top
You’re gonna pop
Why do I feel like somebody’s watching me

I got your sneaky peeky
I’m like that Sheikhy deeky
5 Star spots for C.Lei
I think you’d like Tahiti

I’m on that Googolplex
Your bank account is set
deposit diamond checks
Yeah you’re worth that bet

I’m in love with the Bossy lady
Well aware that it costs greatly
I’m thanking you
The way do
I’m thinking two
I got you boo

I’m just a simple man
Maybe it’s a crazy plan
But if I understand
You will extend your hand.

Chorus 2 – 4x
You wanna Sneaky Peeky
Cause you’re so freaky deaky

Visionary/Choreographer/Writer/Producer: Saint Ademayode Adeogba
Lead Vocalist/Keyboards/Background Vocals/Writer/Producer: Chanda Leigh Adeogba
Production/Arrangement: Daniel Saintil
Musical Director/Background Vocals: Donna Marie Hawkins

Dance Choreography Credits:
Day Adeogba (@dayadeogba)

Studio Engineers:
Recording/Editing: Dwayne DK Kelly – Sound Resort Studios |
Mixed by IRKO at StudioBeat3 |
Mastering: Ron Boustead – Resolution Mastering |

Photo Credits:
Photographer: Geeno Mizelli (@geenomizelli)

Wardrobe Credit:
Fiskani (@fiskanistyle)
Stylist: Fiskani Kaira
Company: The Ivy Showroom, Atlanta

Make Up Credit:
Aja Ali (@illuminatingbeats)

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