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Alec Gaston – We’re Getting Somewhere (official video)

February 24, 2021

Sonic fusion is alive and well in Brooklyn, NY. Alec Gaston is defying limitations with his approach to production, songwriting and artistic direction. In addition to his various roles in the creation of the music for this project, Gaston also co-directed, edited and starred in his forthcoming music video produced by OddOneOutPro for “We’re Getting Somewhere.”

Music Video Credits:
Produced by OddOneOut Productions
Directed by Lou Blackmon & Alec Gaston
Edited by Alec Gaston & Lou Blackmon
Cinematography by Zachary Grullon
Color Grade by Elias Nousiopoulos
Assisted by Adam Kenner & Julie Hill
Featuring Tom Cam
Camera – Arri Alexa Mini
Lenses – Zeiss Contax Cini-Mod
Pro Res 2k H.264

Taking after influences such as Tame Impala, Tyler The Creater & Mac Demarco, Gaston took on the task of writing, engineering, producing, & mixing his forthcoming EP independently. Gaston is best known for blending analogue & digital recording styles as well as seemingly disparate genres such as hip-hop and psychedelic rock.

Despite the harrows of 2020, Gaston managed to release 4 singles and an LP “You Really Blew My Mind” as well as starring in Quinn XCII & Chelsea Cutler’s Music Video “Stay Next To Me.” Gaston also starrred in Dua Lipa’smusic video for her single “We’re Good.”

Fresh off the success of these projects, 2800 monthly listeners and other various collaborations including (Jack Harlow x Zoya’s “Bad Girls Dream” +500,000plays), Gaston is paving the way for a big year of his own.

Gaston is also a professional actor/model signed to NYMMG

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