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Ashley Jana – “The Last Time We Made Love” (Official Music Video)

March 19, 2024

Ashley Jana – “The Last Time We Made Love” – Official Music Video

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy my brand new and very first official music video. It meant so much to me, to make this song and video, and I hope that it can mean something to you too. Love hurts sometimes, but thank god we all still have each other. Love, Ashley

“You can feel the bittersweet sadness from the first seconds of “The Last Time We Made Love.” Ashley Jana laments her loss of love and heartbreak through her mighty vocal deliverance. Everyone can identify with her anguish and sorrow. Jana isn’t just singing the song. She lures you into her reality. Every moment of this song feels real. Everyone’s been there. This emotional and powerhouse gem, produced and recorded by Jana, will leave you feeling everything she has felt from her heartbreak. The twist at the song’s end will make you want to press “play” again. This mid-to-up tempo indie adult contemporary pop song delivers with lasting impact.” – Clinetel Records


Written by Thornton Cline, Jack Tempchin, and Ashley Jana
Brought to you by Clinetel Records ( )
Music video by Austin Hein Productions ( @austinheinproductions )
Talent ~ Ashley Jana & Javan Nelson ( @javantheway )
Filmed at ArteShok Photography Studio in Brooklyn, NYC
instrumental Production by Ashley Jana. & Kurt Borst
Arranged by Ashley Jana
Guitar by Kurt Borst
Piano by Ashley Jana
Strings by Marissa Licata
Vocals recorded in New York City


The last time we made love
Heaven’s windows opened up
With a million rays of sunshine
The stars and planets fell in line

The last time we made love
Our souls fit like hand and glove
Two hearts bound together
There was nothing better

And I never knew
I’d be losing you
And the clock was running out
I was so blind
I didn’t know that I
Would be without you now
How could I know
You already let me go

The last time we made love
I didn’t have a clue
That you belonged to someone else
And in your heart you would be true

I thought it was forever
Like the eternal stars above
I never knew that it would be
The very last time that we
Made love

Video Title: The Last Time We Made Love

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