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AV Super Sunshine "A Wedding Song" (Music Video)

May 7, 2021

About AV Super Sunshine
Warm weather is finally back, and summer is just around the corner, meaning only one thing: it’s wedding season. It’s only been two months since the last AV Super Sunshine release, and he’s back and as strong as ever. A man who has seen his great deal in hardship, the Wisconsin native never fails to win over the hearts of music lovers all over the world. His ’60s psychedelic rock aesthetic and genre-breaking sound have become a household staple. He’s taken the music world by storm, and he’s about to do it again in his brand new single, “A Wedding Song,” which is just the latest magical masterpiece under AV’s belt.

“A Wedding Song” is a rich psychedelic love song that was destined for any wedding party. The guitar chords give the song that classic warmness to it, and that makes every listener melt. The entire song goes out to those who have or who will experience the simple joy of their wedding day. But this song is dedicated to someone very special: AV’s beautiful wife Philomena. The lyrics play out as a simple request to go back to their wedding day and relive all those happy moments. The song has already reached over 1,900 station downloads and debuted at #4 on the Global AC Airplay Charts. It’s the perfect song for any wedding, and we can’t get enough of it.

About the video
The video for “A Wedding Song” is the perfect visual for this fantastic song. It starts with AV and his wife standing by a frozen waterfront in Wisconsin. They’re are decked out in their wedding attire, him in a very snazzy suit and her in a beautiful wedding dress. From there, we follow the couple as they document their intense road trip from icy Wisconsin to warm Florida. In between the shots of the road, we see AV jamming on his guitar. It’s a video packed full with timeless fun and a whole lot of love.

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