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BJ Sam – Diamond (Official Video)

March 14, 2020

BJ Sam started 2020 on a very high note with the released of a spectacularly breath-taking music video featuring stunning African models.
“Diamond” is a new beautiful song that will captivate audiences across the world..”Diamond,” begins with the timeless lines, “Where else can I find a woman like you? You worth more than diamond”.A special dedication to all the women in the world.
And To make the year 2020 more colourful, the 3rd most available television network in the word “TV5Monde” based in France invited BJ Sam to perform his new hit “Diamond” on the 1st of January at their musical concert “Tounkagouna” dedicated to showcasing new talents from Africa.
BJ Sam is a talented Singer and songwriter who pours out all his imagination, creativity, and talent into creating music that will brings joy, melody and brilliance to the universe. His fans reverie him as ‘Sammie Wonder’ because he instinctively commands attention whenever he takes the stage.
BJ Sam was born in Nigeria and left the country when his music career began to bloom. Formerly a member of an international classical music group which has not only honed his vocal abilities, but also enriched his performance skills. He sings in French and English in order to bring everyone in unison.
BJ Sam came into the spotlight after the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma entertainment, personally selected his song “Mon Amour” as the Soundtrack for the Hollywood movie titled “Heart of Fatness”.
The Music video of “Mon Amour” grabbed the attention of Philippe Vannier, the director of Music at TV5Monde who though has heard countless hits over the years but exclaimed that BJ Sam is extremely talented. Since then BJ Sam has become one of their favourite and has been interviewed several times on their musical program ‘Stars Parade’ hosted by Boncana Maiga with over 80 million viewers worldwide.
‘Mon Amour’ has also been featured on the Australian music TV show DJ Central in Season 5 which is syndicated all around the world to over 60 million viewers. Mon Amour’s music video was also nominated for the best music video in Oregon USA.
After the release of ‘Mon Amour’, Hollywood music supervisors Suzanna Hilleary the president of Wacbiz fell in love with BJ Sam and his music and agreement was completed allowing this power house of music placement to represent and license BJ Sam songs for Hollywood Films, TV Episodes, Games and Web ad campaigns.
Over the years companies such as Troma Entertainment USA, SoundPro Music Canada, Flipper music Italy, Africori UK, XerciseLab Russia, Motion Manager Austria, PeterPan Music USA, DJ Central TV Australia, Wacbiz USA, Eden Damon (Atlantic Records A&R) and countless others have shown interest in BJ Sam’s music.
Here are some of the great quotes received already:
“What an emotive and powerful voice you have. Clearly talented.” Steve Williams, producer/engineer for Britney Spears, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones.
“I’m quite amazed at BJ Sam’s writing, vocal & musical prowess & dexterity! … As I’ve already stated, he is an extremely talented musician/writer – the kind of guy who this world is just crying out to hear, for he is a force to be reckoned with”.DJ Paula Frost, Kane 103.7 FM.
“I’ve listened to your tracks and I think they are arranged, produced and sung very well.”Eugenio Vicedomini, Flippermusic Italy Music Art Director.
“What a most delightful sound! … B.J. Sam has created a song that is highly infectious – proving that he is an extremely talented musician/writer! … ‘Mon Amour’ has to be one of the most perfectly balanced songs that I have ever heard”.Wayout Radio UK Programmer.
“Votre vidéo clip “Mon amour” est accrocheur”.PhilippeVannier, responsable Musique TV5MONDE France.
“This is the most inspirational songs I’ve ever received. Sometimes people that make history long journey it very lonely … we need more people like you in the world to keep inspiring others to be great ..
I will have songs in rotation let you know when playing.” Sentoria Green Owner LIVE 105.5 Mobile Radio | Los Angeles, California | The Green Room Radio Show.
“We LOVE this song! We played it on The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy last night, and would really like to hear more from BJ Sam!”Bootsy, K-KID 92.9fm Missouri USA.

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