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Darro – Runs on Guilt (Official Music Video)

August 19, 2021

About Darro
Darro’s upbeat energy, raspy voice, and catchy tunes are a pop-punk nostalgia trip back to the early 2000s. His music deals with heavier topics involving mortality, fears of the unknown, and being an outcast, and he works to channel the message of defying the odds through tough times. Darro is no stranger to finding resilience after surviving a brain tumor. He takes delicate themes and carefully layers them with light-heartedness and humor that is worthy of admiration. His unique approach to the music scene has caught the attention of Billboard, New Noise, and Music Connect Magazine alike. Darro’s latest track, “Runs on Guilt,” is the perfect introduction to what he has to offer, highlighting his seamless union of magnetic songwriting and infectious instrumentals.

About the video
The music video for “Runs on Guilt” takes a playful jab at cheesy horror flicks as Darro is brought back to life by a zombie girlfriend. Pulling from his own experience of having his life changed overnight due to a condition out of his control, Darro struggles to adjust to living amongst the undead. Though apprehensive at first, the singer ultimately embraces his new identity and his rather unconventional girlfriend. The video is filled with electrifying shots of his whole band performing in a bunker as zombies begin to encroach into the safe zone. As the song approaches the end, we see Darro’s descent into madness while the lyrics “let it burn” echo through your head, letting us feel the rage of the character he embodies. “Runs on Guilt” is a punchy, cult classic-esque music video that will have you hitting repeat.

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