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JustPierre "365" (Music Video)

April 3, 2021

About JustPierre
All it takes is one redefining moment to redirect your journey completely. A change that is a drop in the pond creates an infinite ripple. JustPierre took that leap in 2012 and converted to Christianity; ever since, he’s been dedicated to serving the Lord not only at Church but outside as well. Hailing from Compton, California, JustPierre guides the lost and brings light to those facing affliction. He doesn’t promise; he preaches. And that’s enough assurance to join him on his Holy passage.

Hip-hop, to him, is not about pointing out the hardships and superficial attributes in life – there’s plenty of artists out there that already excel at that. His music is solution-based, growth-centered, and an initial conversation about change. He reminds us that Jesus Christ is the hope the world needs, and happiness is the root of life. The duality of hip-hop and secular music comes organically to JustPierre, and with his natural flow and elevating proclamations, he hopes to normalize the fusion of the two genres.

About the video
Tops down, shades down, prayers up. Negativity always finds a way to seep its way into our lives and cloud our perspective. Pessimistic attitudes and cynical headlines outweigh the sunshine in our life – it’s easy to get misguided. Today, JustPierre stops that echo chamber dead in its tracks with his new music video “365” ft. Brian Marquee. The light is amplified, the volume is turned up, and the gratitude is evoked. With a beautiful day beaming like this one, how could you not be thankful for the good God has given? Life is a circle and what goes around comes around. Therefore, God works for us when we work for him, and JustPierre enthusiastically volunteers to be the spokesperson to share those beliefs. The California sunbeams and fresh air allow us to take a step back and reflect. Whether we’re dancing to our favorite jams or cruising down the street in Audi convertibles, God is by our side. Blessings are all around us; it’s up to us to notice and celebrate them.

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