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April 4, 2020 1795 Views

We present to you S.F.T.W OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from an amazing talent from the east, “TALIFromTheEast” was born and raised on the East coast.

Tali, a young motivated artist, has mastered the art of not only creating a physical/audio contrust of his perspective and representation of life; but also the ability to take you on an emotion felt journey through his intriquate and original sound.

Tali, better known as “Tali from the East” or Joe to friends and family, was born on March 4th, 1998 and has been in the underground music scene for only a year. Though still freshly polishing his ability to create, Tali from the East is ready to take over the music industry with his unique, vibrant sound and demeanor!

Are you ready to feel how you’ve never felt before?

Stay back and watch this film S.F.T.W. remember to place “hype” on the visuals if you love it.

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