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SevvTheArtist "Sunshine" (Music Video)

August 30, 2021 1281 Views

About SevvTheArtist and “Sunshine”
Technically, the light that falls on Southern California is no different from the sun that shines everyplace else on earth. But SevvTheArtist knows there’s a quality to the air on the pier at Santa Monica that can’t be replicated. Maybe it’s the proximity of the city, or the Pacific Ocean, or the mountains; whatever it is, it all combines to create a kind of near-mystical illumination that has inspired countless songwriters and lovers, too. In “Sunshine,” her new single, SevvTheArtist compares her partner to daylight at its warmest and most glorious. To illustrate her song, no other light but Southern California light would do — so the North Carolina native brings us to the Pacific Coast for an idyllic day of bicycle riding, boardwalk-strolling, and, most importantly, people-watching.

“Sunshine” is a perfect soundtrack for a romantic seaside date. It’s a welcoming, melting, honey-sweet R&B song that showcases Sevv’s gorgeous voice – a voice that can simultaneously communicate toughness and desire; vulnerability, longing, and excitement. Her deep roots in hip-hop are apparent whenever she sings, but her heart belongs to sweet soul, and the music she makes belongs to no particular time or tradition. It’s pure, confessional, optimistic, and captivating, and “Sunshine” introduces her as an artist with a fully developed sound and aesthetic.

About the video

She’s also got a winning way of approaching the camera: she’s the possessor of an irresistible smile and a truly personal style, and it’s all on display in the “Sunshine” clip. Her partner is initially reluctant to go out, but ultimately, Sevv is so ingratiating that she’s powerless to resist. Once she’s out in the California daylight, it’s clear that neither partner has any regrets — they’re surrounded by happy people in love, and their enthusiasm is palpable. And on a day as bright and brilliant as the one captured in this clip (Memorial Day 2021, to be specific!), falling in love is as easy as slipping into an R&B groove.

SevvTheArtist makes sure everything in the clip shines. It’s an enchanted landscape she’s sharing with us, and she decorates it with bright greens, sky blues, and lemon yellows. The car Sevv drives is vivid yellow, the sunflowers on her partner’s blouse are yellow, the beach blankets are yellow, the sunflowers in the beach and park scenes are yellow, and the bold color fields in the street art that surrounds her are sunshine yellow, too. Consider this a giant step into the heart of daylight on a rapturous California afternoon, a visual encapsulation of the wonder of desire.

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