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Sharon Hendrix “Hold Me Tight (Feels So Right)” (Music Video)

December 23, 2021

About Sharon Hendrix
Every voice has a story to tell. For Sharon Hendrix, it’s a whirlwind tale of passion, thrill, and adventure. Her musical career has spanned five decades from post-Beatles pop to modern-day contemporary music. When it comes to the industry, she’s done at all. From working closely with Hall of Famers such as Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder to pioneering new genres with Olivia Newton-John, Billy Cobham, and Dusty Springfield. In 1978, she toured with Barry Manilow and duetted with him on his popular 1985 rendition of “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing.” Now, Sharon Hendrix is exploring her own sound in her solo act that’s nothing short of sensational.

About the video
There’s nothing better than feeling the warmth and safety of being held in the arms of someone you love. In Sharon Hendrix’s latest track, “Hold Me Tight,” she captures that rush of emotions through her sweet, honey-like vocals that are filled with richness and intention. Through her years of live performing and studio work with superstar artists she’s managed to find the balance of delicate, airy vocals that have the power to hold emotional weight. The smooth, groovy instrumentals set a relaxed atmosphere that gently caresses you and keeps you grounded. The music video is zen and Sharon looks at ease in a silk gown as she glides from room to room. There is an immediate wave of comfort and peace in watching her singing to you. The video ends with Sharon Hendrix cuddling up in bed with her Yorkshire Terrier with a t-shirt that emphasizes spreading kindness to all living creatures – a quote from legendary film star Doris Day and famously echoed by singer, songwriter Morrissey.

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