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The Veer Union feat. Late Night Savior & Stealing Eden “Monster” (Music Video)

November 24, 2021

About The Veer Union
When it comes to the mainstream, heavy metal usually doesn’t fit the bill. That’s because this genre of music is all about rebelling from the crowd and embracing the unknown. But when it comes to The Veer Union, the band has thrown social constructs out the window and has successfully fused pop with punk to create a unique sound that transcends arbitrary barriers. The Canadian rock group has found success by covering pop icons such as Halsey and Justin Timberlake while experimenting with their own sound. Take a tour of The Veer Union’s latest hits and see for yourself how they are drawing in audiences left and right.

About the video
The Veer Union takes the pop collaboration between Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes titled “Monster” and charges it up with electricity that is sure to set the stage on fire. The band captures industrial intensity, rage, and passion to elevate the track with heavy metal instrumentals and booming vocals from Crispin Earl. The dark, blood-pumping guitar shreds and thundering drum hits transform the original track into a multidimensional powerhouse of combustible energy that will rock you to your core. The performance video takes us right into The Veer Union’s studio, where we get to see all the moving parts that provide the song with its electrifying sound. Feel the adrenaline rushing to your veins by listening to “Monster” by The Veer Union.

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