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tyDi & JES “Just Believe” (Music Video)

March 22, 2022 791 Views

Every music fan knows that the songs we love are reflections of our souls. Our music collections are powerful indications of the people we are and the things we value. When we encounter another person who shares our tastes (and spins our favorite tunes), the bond is often instantaneous. We feel — and with good reason! — that we’ve encountered a kindred spirit. Given this undeniable dynamic, it was inevitable that a digital matchmaker would develop a dating application that based its recommendations on our listening habits. Vinylly is that app, and in the video for “Just Believe,” the wildly optimistic, propulsive new clip from electronic artists tyDi and JES, we get to see it in action.

About “Just Believe”
“Just Believe” is a strong proof-of-concept for the app and the video alike. It’s hard to imagine two musicians more compatible than tyDi and JES. tyDi is a young electronic producer with a knack for orchestral settings and a natural affinity for expressive vocalists; JES has a long history of writing and singing some of the most successful songs in dance. They’re a perfect fit — complementary forces that bring out the best in each other. “Just Believe” stands as a reminder that as great as these artists are on their own, they’re even better when they find their optimal match.

About JES
For JES, “Just Believe” is an extension of a winning streak that includes collaborations and remixes with dance legends like Tiesto, Kaskade, BT, and Armin van Buuren. Since her breakout hit “As The Rush Comes” with the beloved EDM combo Motorcycle, JES has earned numerous accolades including three Grammy nominations, IDMA’s, and the prestigious International Songwriting Competition. In her recent work, JES has demonstrated her immense flexibility and broad vision, drawing from rock, acoustic folk, and experimental music. But, her heart belongs to electronic music as two Beatport #1’s in recent months will surely attest, and whenever she makes a record like “Just Believe,” it’s a homecoming worth celebrating.

About tyDi
Revamped, amped, and epically poised to challenge at the highest of heights within the electronic dance music sphere of perfection, tyDi is the award winning, Australian, master composer, engineer. record producer, curator and dance music visionary with over 15 years worth of music industry accolades and experience who is forever attempting to push musical and creative barriers until he succeeds. “Just Believe” is the latest in his extensive discography on labels like Republic and Armada – which, to date, has seen him top global charts and reach over 25 million Spotify streams and 1 million YouTube views. Last year, he made waves with his acclaimed collaboration with Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin, resulting in the epic album Collide, lauded by Dancing Astronaut, DJMag, and The LA Times, as well as placement on Friday Cratediggers and New Music Friday USA Spotify playlists, and hit both the Billboard Dance and Classical charts. tyDi has also collaborated with trance music legend Andy Moor, producer Matt Fax, and many more.

About the video
The “Just Believe” clip is a kind of celebration, too. It’s a statement of faith in the beauty of relationships and the transcendent glory of togetherness. The clip suggests that our romantic failures are nothing but preludes to the magic that happens when we truly meet our matches. Can music really facilitate coupling up? tyDi and JES certainly think so. The Vinylly app is visualized as an old-school record store on a hip Southern California street, and there, we encounter the clientele: six stylish young people whose prior dates haven’t exactly worked out. They’re not unlovable; on the contrary. They just need a little guidance — and hints provided by the crates they’re browsing together.

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