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Xavier Toscano "The Remedy (Feel Alright)" (Music Video)

March 15, 2021

There is nothing Xavier Toscano can’t do – no place he won’t be and no genre he hasn’t mastered. Xavier Toscano is a jack of all trades and an expert of all. The San Francisco native can quickly adapt to the mood of the room or the people in the crowd; whether it’s an intimate setting or thousands at a festival, he knows how to please. His style is enthusiastic with a lot of pop energy, spiced with EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B to display his versatility. His music is heard when shopping in stores, driving while listening to the radio, or scrolling through channels like MTV and watching shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. His skills don’t end at music, though; he’s an actor and dancer that has supported many artists and was featured in numerous commercials for Nextel, NASCAR, and Sony PlayStation. Toscano is making a soundtrack for our lives, one that will always invigorate and empower us and one that will make our memories last forever.

Which part of clubbing and raving do you miss the most? Is it the flashing lasers? The thumping from the bass and echoes from the synths? Perhaps it’s the feeling of letting loose and letting go. Whatever the case, Xavier Toscano knows the feelings and longs for it too, which is why he replicates that energy in the new music video “The Remedy (Feel Alright).” He encompasses all the components of nightlife in three and a half minutes, but most importantly, he offers the pulse that we miss the most. Its buoyant lyrics are paired with robotic vocals and funky music; it makes the listeners the life of the party no matter where they are. It’s extremely danceable, and the singer and his backup dancers give you the perfect choreography to practice. If you’re looking for a cure to sadness or boredom, you can always rely on Toscano for a pick-me-up.

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