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ZaRio "She Don't Know Love" (Music Video)

July 12, 2021

About ZaRio
When it comes to being successful in the music world, one of the most important things is being relatable. An artist can release the best-produced music with the best team backing them up, but none of that will matter if it doesn’t connect to people. Luckily for new R&B artist ZaRio, being relatable has never been an issue. This Atlanta native has worn just about every creative hat you can think of. From writing his own music to producing it, ZaRio has done it all. Ever since he was just eight years old, he’s had a strong passion for music and singing. After joining his middle school choir, his fondness for the arts continued to grow. Once he reached high school, his interest started to shift towards activism and becoming a motivational speaker. After constantly balancing music and activism for quite some time, ZaRio is finally ready to share his amazing music with the world.

About “She Don’t Know Love”
“She Don’t Know Love” is a velvety-rich and indulgent R&B song that will make every listener melt. This debut single is filled to the brim with beautiful piano notes and even more beautiful harmonies. The influence of iconic legends Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye can be heard throughout this track. Behind the song is a story about a girl and her fear of love. She wants to be in love and wants to experience love, but something in her past prevents her from opening her heart. ZaRio is there to serenade her with the sweetest words and tells her not to be afraid. That he’ll take care of her and make the pain in her eyes go away. It’s a beautiful and all too realistic love story that is already making a massive impact.

About the video
Get ready to bundle up because the “She Don’t Know Love” video is about to get chilly. The video starts in the fluorescent-lit apartment hallway where we see ZaRio as he bumps into a beautiful girl. From there, we fast-forward three months into the future, where we see the ultimate relationship starting to bloom. The gorgeous snowy mountains and the monstrous evergreen trees make for the perfect background for this wintry romance. We watch as they zoom through the snow-covered hills and get all cozy by the fire. All the while, ZaRio wears his heart on his sleeve as he belts out this phenomenal song. The video comes to an end in the very same hallway it started, bringing things to a full-circle conclusion.

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