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808g – glOw (feat. Mr. Pineapple)

March 27, 2021

808g – glOw (feat. Mr. Pineapple)
It’s the year 2021. The world is waking up to a new abnormal reality: Physical contact is out (for now at least) and technology has taken over, just like science fiction warned us all those years ago.

But friends, do not fear. For the time has come for 808g to fall to earth, with the alternative sound and vision of his debut single, glOw.

The accompanying music video, directed by Miguel Usandivaras and Micol Talso, finds the otherworldly artist/producer calling out through an unknown sign language to a planet in lockdown.

“Ain’t you ever get that? Taking part in what’s being said…”

Music lovers: Is there anybody out there? If so, let’s go (vamos)! 🌎✌️😎

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