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5 Techniques for Shooting Low-Budget Music Videos

5 Techniques for Shooting Low-Budget Music Videos

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When you talk about Low-Budget Music Videos, it’s one of the approaches that could save you a lot of budget. Not every artist in the world has a huge budget to shoot an expensive music video. Sitting here in 2021, with the advancement of technology, shooting quality videos is not at all a financial pain point. 

We are dwelling at a time when independent artists are trying to make a name for themselves in their own respective communities first before venturing big. Here are some of the most inexpensive techniques used by these artists to make affordable music videos and promote them with digital marketing.

Selfie Mode Direction

The introduction of high-quality front cameras in the majority of high-end smartphones is almost at par with some DSLR cameras. The latter requires a lot of technical knowledge. The features of a smartphone are quite easy to grasp and with a few features, basic shooting can be done. It is more compatible if you are just starting out and intend to shoot snippets to post on social media platforms. For such platforms, it makes sense if you are shooting them all in portrait videos. 

The majority of budding rappers and other rock artists, just to quickly get video content out, are recording them with simply their front camera. They are doing the basic editing and perhaps a subtitle trail to showcase the lyrics. This has helped countless music artists to initially start the ball rolling. 

Some of the early Youtube sensations used to record their cover videos with just the webcam of their Personal Computers. There is very little doubt now that the average video resolution of a front camera is way better than that of a webcam. It is more convenient than operating a full-fledged camera setup which would be expensive and would have a steep learning curve. 

Live Show Clippings

Although some artists during the pandemic may not have been blessed to perform live gigs, tactfully placing a few cameras here and there, can nullify your video budget to a bare minimum. Although there are ways in which you can prosper as an artist even during Covid-19.

It may require some basic video editing skills, which are easy and fun to learn. However, it requires a sense of angle and some preliminary knowledge of the camera to create Low-Budget Music Videos

Before the show, you can place it at different locations on the stage or even beyond it and just hit the record. Complete your show and you will have the entire gig from as many angles as you want. The best part is that you can even place a few smartphones as well. 

Nevertheless one should make the basic investment for buying separate stands which will ensure that the reverb and vibrations do not drop. 

It can be placed behind the stage facing the audience, which will give a wide-angle and capture the artist from behind with the spotlights against him or her. The more experimental you are with your angle selection the better it will be to stitch all the various portions of the video from different devices. By the end of one show, you can have a video for each song you have performed. The more gigs, the more content, and the more videos. 

Displaying Your Household Setup

Serious artists and musicians have a basic home studio setup. This includes the essentials like condenser mics, Headphones, a laptop, a midi keyboard or guitars or both, and midi drum pads. Think about it, if you already have most of the equipment, you already have a home studio setup. This becomes interesting because the majority of music consumers opt to see videos that feature the artist’s own household. Artists like FKJ  and Tame Impala, due to the Covid scenario, are conducting indoor concerts or live sessions right from the comfort of their homes. 

These can be recorded and then snippets can be taken out for your Tik Tok videos and/or Instagram Reels. This gives your audience a sense of personal touch that you are bringing them home and into the process. This sort of personal inclusion helps artists to provide a sense of belongingness. People are anyway missing from the artist’s end due to the cancellations of live concerts and shows. 

Call Your Freelancing Friend

In today’s world, it is difficult to not find a cameraman and video editor amongst your friends. If the pros of getting external help surpass the cons of doing it yourself, this is a safe option. They will charge a nominal fee for their services which will any day be less compared to hiring professionals and renting out studio spaces. 

For a budding artist, a lot of personalization can be opted for. Once you grow with that experience, collaborating later on with professionals becomes much easier. Especially after learning the fundamentals. Those will guide you to coordinate better. You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

Shooting Locally in Public Spaces

Local abandoned buildings, open areas, and unclaimed plots of land here and there are excellent locations. Some local artists choose their own locality to shoot Low-Budget Music Videos. Just to give their audience a view of their own respective communities. This allows you to focus more on the type of video you need to shoot rather than scouting for the perfect locations.

You can let a small crew tag song with you, who will probably shoot your video for an affordable rate. With freelancers at every doorstep, getting a hold of people with the necessary skills will not be difficult. This reduces your time and effort and enables you to focus more on your music.

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