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6 Reasons Your Music Doesn’t Sell

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Do you wonder what could be the reasons why your music doesn’t sell? In this article, we have discussed the six reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

The music industry has experienced a boom after digitalization. People have used the power of the internet to sell their music throughout the globe. Artists, musicians, and other composers have got the privilege, like any other industry, to put forward their product in front of a large audience base. The competitiveness has also increased tremendously with time. And there have been multiple questions on whether the music industry is over-saturated as of now?

But the talent sees no boundary. If you worship your art, then there is always sufficient room for your growth. You may have failed to sell your music online and you must be wondering why your music doesn’t sell, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Understanding and analyzing why were you unable to sell your music is the first step towards growth. As a marketer, you could also have these ten chrome plugins

Here are the six common reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

Unoptimized Website

An unoptimized website could be the reason why your music doesn’t sell. The website needs optimization so that people easily find you when they search for you. Search Engine Optimization helps you rank up in the SERP results when people search for you or the keywords related to you. The unoptimized website could be one of the many reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

A massive mistake that many artisans make is believing that an excellent music piece is the only thing that is to care about. But if you are trying to sell the music, it is vital to take care of the sales funnel. As a musician, you should take care of the Local SEO to connect with your local audience base.

A customer takes a minimum of 7 touches on your sales funnel before purchasing. Thus, it is crucial to understand the customer’s perspective and make it easier for them to find and search for you.

Try to rank high on SERP results and contact other web admins or bloggers to write about you. Once you get good reviews, you tend to be an authoritarian figure. And it is no secret that “Authority sells”.

Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

The music production industry is very competitive, and many critics believe that the market is oversaturated and complex for newcomers to combat. Social Commerce wouldn’t only help you in selling the music, but also get you brand awareness. If you believe that a good music video will get you a good number of sales, you need to understand that a good product is only halfway done in any industry. Ineffective marketing campaigns would end up being one of the reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

Many artists, musicians, composers, and music labels are trying hard to get their voices heard by their targeted audience. Thus, a good marketing campaign and a strategic promotion are crucial for your prospects to decide whether to buy your music. There are different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Music, and TikTok that can get you to hit soon. Also, if the organic reach is limited, you can try and run paid marketing campaigns with professionals’ help. With the help of digitalization, it has become easy for a seller to bring its product to the buyers. You could also check your competitive marketing strategy.

You don’t sell on iTunes or Amazon

It has become common among many musicians to sell their music directly through their website to save some commission. But, you’ll have to consider the fact that many people buy in an impulse when they hear the snippets of your song. Thus, it is vital to add options on your website where people can directly come and buy through any popular retailers like iTunes or Amazon.

Also, the concern for data breaches and cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. People hesitate to put their credit card information on a new website. Such concerns and inconveniences may stop your potential customer from buying from you. The MNCs mentioned above have performed well in carrying out transactions and securing the information of the people. Thus, try to add the options to buy directly from iTunes or Amazon instead of forcing the buyers to purchase on your selling gateway. You could also promote your music videos on TikTok to generate brand awareness and get a virality for yourself.

Lack of communication

No proper communication with the potential buyers who are apparently your fans. Communication and transparency are important aspects that come into play in any sales funnel. Multiple surveys have shown that people trust the brands who communicate and inform them with some valuable content regularly. There is a cut-throat competition online to get the attention of the users.

Also, the attention span of a person online is relatively low. Thus, you should go and collect the email id of the people who are visiting your website. If they visit you, there is a possibility that they like your music. You can send them some teasers, inform them about your new music video or your podcast, or any other update. Such behavior from your side would make the customer feel unique and valued.

You can also be active on your other social media channels and talk about the topics that bring your attention. Feel free to go live now and then. Upload some backstage moments that could help the audience connect with you.

Bad music quality

The unprofessional audio quality or instruments – It could be one of the biggest reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

Professionalism is the first thing that any buyer expects from the seller. If the audio quality is not at par, or the instruments don’t resonate appropriately with your vocal song, it may arise a question in the buyers’ minds. A crystal clear song recording with a professional mix of instruments increases your chances of selling the music. Don’t let unprofessionalism be one of the reasons why your music doesn’t sell.

Many famous musicians have put forward their view that musicians should record no offensive songs as it would make you look like an authority and generate trust in the users’ minds. Music is an art that has no boundaries. Thus, your songs should not upset any particular sect, community, color, or religion. You could heighten positivity in the songs, but you should try to avoid any negative talks or vulgarity that could bring you backlash from people.

You should be open to constructive criticism and be regularly active on different social media pages.

You don’t use Youtube

Do you leverage YouTube to promote your music videos?  YouTube is the biggest video platform that has the potential to bring you, multiple unique visitors. Also, videos have the highest caliber to retain the attention span of the viewers. Thus, it would be best if you made a strategy around leveraging viewers and increasing awareness about yourself through YouTube.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. People use it to search for influencers and their products. Thus, YouTube optimization is also crucial for your growth and selling music labels.


The music industry has competitiveness from artists all around the world. But it would help if you had a proper marketing plan to come in front of more viewers by spending the least. There are multiple marketing channels that you could leverage to sell your music online. Also, try to bring the highest level of professionalism to your work. If you are an authority in your industry and are trusted by people, you have already won half of the battle.

Never underestimate the power of communication and awareness. Focus on all the positivities that could make you look good in front of your people.

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