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Music Video Marketing – How To Promote Your Music Video

Music Video Marketing – How To Promote Your Music Video

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Digitalization has allowed various musicians and artisans to put forward their pieces of art to the world and helped in music video marketing. Musicians and composers worldwide are trying to promote their music videos compete in this digital atmosphere and let their voices be heard.

The music industry is very competitive and highly saturated. Thus, it becomes crucial to have a well-structured marketing strategy and a well-thought plan to get any notice and market the music video.

Music video marketing strategies could be overwhelming for a newcomer, but it is vital to understand and outline the steps to compete in this cruel world. As a musician, you need to analyze your music genre and set a target audience.

Some musicians got overnight success, but with more and more people coming into the music sector, music video marketing strategy needs have arisen to strategize on every step of your plan, be it music production, promotion, or selling labels. You could also check these 10 chrome plugins that could assist you in music video marketing.

The success prospects in the music industry may be challenging, but once you hit the list, there is no turning back. All you need is a decent start and a proper music video marketing plan. You may also have to define a budget for your music album so that you can target your prospective audience when they are online spending time on various social media platforms.

Music Video Marketing Plan

To make that headway in the music industry, you need a music video marketing plan and an effective music video marketing strategy to succeed, and below are the perfect ones for you to use and even restructure to fit your strategy.

1. Create brand awareness

As a newcomer to the industry, you would want to establish yourself as the next sensation. Thus, it becomes crucial that people know about you and get the correct information about your music labels and your next steps when searching for you on search engines.

A good and professional website that lists out your songs and has pertinent details about your concerts and live streams is necessary. It could serve as an online portfolio. Also, it would be best if you accepted SEO as the most fundamental aspect of your music promotion. The website should be a one-in-all solution for all the queries and advertisements that your loyal fans need to know.

Organic visibility is necessary for any music label or brand. Also, you could utilize local SEO to build your local awareness in your preferred geographical location.

2. Share your song on various digital platforms and build a community on social media

There are many key players in the music industry like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music Unlimited. Millions of people use these platforms to connect with amazing songs. You can’t miss the opportunity to sell your music awareness on these digital platforms.

If you have a music video, you could publish it on YouTube, Vevo, Microsoft Stream, Facebook, or Instagram TV. As a beginner, you’ll have to understand that more exposure means better brand awareness about yourself. You could also use Facebook paid ads, YouTube ads, or Instagram music ads to build yourself a community in the beginning stages of your venture.

Social Commerce wouldn’t only promote your videos but also help in the sales.

3. Build yourself an email community

Email marketing is a crucial aspect of digital marketing to make you go ahead in music video marketing. It is one of the most influential and cost-effective methods of communicating with your audience and fanbase.

Every time you publish a new music video, organize a concert, go live, or list out your brand’s merchandise, you’ll have an email community that will listen and act to your call-to-actions effectively. Emails are essential, and approximately 4.03 billion people around the world use email.

How do you build yourself an email community?

Add a newsletter popup to your website and ask people if they want to opt-in for future promotional emails. If they are opting in, they want to hear back from you. It could be a great way to connect with your fan base. You should also build yourself an audience base using Local SEO.

4. Collaborate with influencers, music bloggers, or other musicians

Influencers have a massive audience based on different social media platforms. If you connect with them, there is a high probability that you will get immediate attention from them.

Influencer marketing is comparatively new but has enormous potential to get access to their audience or fanbase. Also, getting word of mouth with influencers could make you look more authoritative in your respective domain.

Music bloggers also tend to have high traffic to their blogs. Proper marketing could help you create some buzz around the new music labels that you would publicize in the coming time. After all, making music is only halfway done. It would be best if you put a lot of your time into music promotion and creating awareness by submitting your music video to music bloggers among other collaborators mentioned above.

Also, collaborating with other fellow musicians who create music in your genre could help you exchange and add a fanbase.

5. Promote yourself online through Podcasts

Podcasts are a new trend that is taking over the world at a tremendous pace. As a musician, you need to be in the eyes of your audience continuously. The more engaged your audience base is the more prospects of your success increase with time.

If you already have a good fanbase, you could start your podcast and promote it on social media to converse better with your audience. But, if you don’t have many anticipations for your podcast, you could try getting featured in other people’s podcasts that have a significant effect on people.


The music industry may have ferocious competition and saturation, but an artist who lives and breathes music always has a great chance of being hit with time. You need to understand the basic steps of promoting your music and getting featured in blog podcasts to influence people of your genre.

A proper strategy mixed with a masterpiece of art is the perfect ingredient needed for succeeding in the music industry. You could connect with people who perform well on Facebook Marketplace in your locality. They tend to have a better market grasp of people who have the caliber to spend money.

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