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Reddit Music Promotion – 4 Secret Tips For Hip Hop Music Video Submission Using Reddit

Reddit Music Promotion – 4 Secret Tips For Hip Hop Music Video Submission Using Reddit

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Reddit is a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where people can post music videos or any other content to promote.

Some people don’t know what Reddit is and how to promote music videos on this platform. Let me tell you, you can go from hero to zero in one night or can be zero to hero in a few hours.

Hip Hop music video submission on Reddit is challenging but not impossible because today I will tell you some secret tips that will help you to promote videos on Reddit.

Before you jump into this tip you of course want to register yourself on Reddit and leave the platform for 24hr without any engagement with any content. This will prevent you from any possible spam flag. Reddit is strict! Then make sure you follow the following tip and get your way up there.

Tip # 1. Analyze your video

music promotion on Reddit has some strict rules if you will not follow these rules you can be banned from it suing a specific subreddit. Different videos have different topics, take a video and analyze the topic first, For Instance: If you have a hip-hop music video, first analyze what the music is e.g entertaining music or bar music. And if we take another example: If a daily routine vlog video has some topics, like a morning routine, evening routine, or diet routine, or any other topic that is included in the video.

Pick one topic and search on “Google as entertaining music on Reddit” or you can directly search on the Reddit search bar. You cannot throw your music video links anywhere on Reddit for that you need to analyze your video first.

Tip # 2. Get involved in subreddit communities for hip hop music video submission

When you will find subreddits for your music video don’t directly place your video link into the subreddit because Reddit is a platform that can make you a hero in one night or you can be a hero to zero in a few hours because of good or bad voting. Make some communication with subreddit members that everyone will know you before promoting videos there.

For communication, you can make good comments on different posts of the subreddit members or you can message them to know each other. When everyone will know about you it will be easy for you to promote your videos and get an upvote.

When you make good comments on subreddit members’ posts it will be a great chance to get an upvote from them.

Tip # 3. Getting a good rating on hip hop music video submission

In Reddit music promotion, to get good voting from subreddit members or make your account strong, post quality music videos. That will drive more members on the videos and give you good voting on your post.

If your content has quality or voice issues then everyone will ignore you or will make bad impressions on your video.

Make sure your music videos will be unique original and very clear to the people, it will be easy for you to rank videos on Reddit.

Tip # 4. Beware of Rules and Regulations of Reddit

For the best music promotion on Reddit, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of Reddit. It is a bit difficult to promote your content on Reddit but if you will follow their rules and regulation you will be awarded because it is a platform where everyone is anonymous and the thumbs up and thumbs down voting matters a lot.

How do you now get the most out of Reddit as a musician? Check this link and thank us later If you benefit from these tips, don’t keep them to yourself share them with your musician friend. Lastly, beware when you are doing self-promotion on music-related specific subreddits.

Below are our subreddit for music promotion to join now:









If you are in a group comment below for others to join. Keep making dope music! and if you want to promote your music video submit it here

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