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Organic YouTube Promotion: Ultimate Guide For Artists and YouTuber

Organic YouTube Promotion: Ultimate Guide For Artists and YouTuber

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This article is all about The Ultimate Guide to Organic YouTube Promotion and how to promote your music organically to get more views on your videos without paid ads meaning solely by organic YouTube promotion. I think many people don’t know about the actual process for having a real youtube promotion, so let me tell you what organic promotion is and how you can promote your channel or videos by using this legit youtube promotion method. 

What is an organic youtube promotion?

The organic YouTube promotion is the optimization process that can increase the audience of your channel without paying a single penny on ads. If you are creating a YouTube channel, and you don’t have enough money to pay for your videos and get ads on them, then you can increase views by using the organic promotion method. This method is slow, but if your channel has good quality content, then it will work well.

Making good youtube music videos as an artist is an essential part of this article. make sure you get your music video ready for promotion using the SEO strategy which we will talk about later in this article.

There are different social media platforms where you can share YouTube content and get more views and subscribers organically. For organic promotion, you need to build an attractive thumbnail for the video and upload that thumbnail to Facebook pages, groups, and on your profile, too, along with the short link of the video and you will have it organically spread out because you have optimized it by using an attractive thumbnail.

Is organic youtube promotion really working?

Yes, it really works; but you must develop and maintain excellent skills and time to do the organic promotion. When you start your channel, it is not good to pay for the advertising of your videos right away, rather, you need to spend some time on your channel and make good quality content daily and generate some traffic organically before proceeding to paid options.

How does social media help gain free youtube video views?

Social media, like Facebook, has many people who want to see the latest content during their free time. If you make some attractive posts for videos on Facebook, it will increase the audience to your channel.

You can also use Twitter for promotion because it is also a popular platform that can create more traffic for your YouTube videos. You need to throw your YouTube video link there along with an attractive thumbnail to help you gain free video views

And if you have an Instagram account, then you can share some of your YouTube video clips (like 15sec or the most interesting part to you) along with the video link to increase views on your channel or your music video. this can be done on the Instagram story with a swipe up to watch features (Only if you have above 10k followers) but yah! you need not stress if you don’t have such followers yet. use other options above.

Is SEO for organic YouTube promotion will increase the audience?

Yes, SEO (search engine optimization) can increase views on your videos. But you must have first enough knowledge about SEO and how you can do SEO for your channel for those people who are searching for some content on YouTube to find your video or even make it easy for people to find your artist name too.

SEO is important for the growth of your channel. In simple words, it will rank your music videos and your channel. When someone searches a keyword on YouTube that is related to your channel, but if you have not used that keyword in your video, then no one will find your videos by searching.

In short, when you create your channel, make your YouTube profile name easier so that everyone will not forget your channel name, we are not saying you should change your artist name but make it clear and easy for the youtube algorithm to match your name.

The next thing is to use keywords in your videos related to your content that people use to search for the content. And also, use that similar keyword in your title and description too. In practice, I will leave you with this tool that you can use to optimize your youtube content, and what this does for you is generate an SEO-optimized title, description, and keywords that will rank you on google instantly and I am not joking. go try it. it’s called Video Marketing Blaster. I personally use it and the result is mindblowing. 

Make an attractive thumbnail and title for your youtube music video

You must make attractive thumbnails and titles for your videos to attract people to click on your videos. Because attractive title and thumbnail will increase the curiosity in people that sees the video? And they will click on your video while scrolling down. If you think you have to spend much on an attractive thumbnail, it’s not! just go to Canva and set up your account, you don’t really need to upgrade to design a really cool thumbnail for youtube. there are ready-made templates you can edit and use.   

Organic YouTube promotion is not difficult, but it takes time to promote the YouTube channel. And you must have excellent skills to create good content for your channel. If you want to improve your channel by organic promotion, the above steps will surely help you to increase traffic on the channel 100% because that is the kind of video that will create more exposure for you. 

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