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The Best Ways for Musicians to Harness the Power of TikTok

The Best Ways for Musicians to Harness the Power of TikTok

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These days, you can’t be anybody until you harness the harsh and dog-eat-dog world that is online popularity.  Sure, you have done it all right with Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.  You’ve put a lot of focus on proper content and communicating with fans.  But now what?  Well, it’s time to take a look at the platforms that you’re using. If you are a musician who is looking for a big break, you may be on the wrong platform.

Now more than ever, it’s time to put your trust in TikTok if you want to be the start in the music world. The good news: it’s already worked for other professionals.

How does TikTok music promotion work?

Like a lot of things relating to social media, there are many variations of how you can make TikTok music promotion work for you.

The basics focus on the fact that would create a 15-second clip advertising you singing your new hit single and then put it up online via TikTok.  Then, your followers and their followers will engage with it, share it, and so on.  This creates a viral hit and, presto, you are a superstar.

How to get that video out there

One of the cool things about music on TikTok is that it’s pretty easy to use. Once you have your profile up online, you would then upload the music that you want to share. 

Thankfully, the process of how to get a song on TikTok is very easy: this is done by selecting an audio file that you would already have on your computer. This can be either a professionally recorded audio file from your actual CD, or it can be a more casual version if you want to go for the real-life vibes like a lot of musicians do these days. Choose whatever one feels better for you.

Once you get the audio up, you get to decide how you want to form your video!  The previous greats often take on a more obvious lip-syncing feel.

Playing the audio file, musicians create a video of themselves doing funny dances and dramatic movements in time with the music, lip-syncing authentically, but also obviously. It tends to get a great reaction from the young generation Z audience that makes up most of TikTok’s users.  Music on TikTok should be catchy but still funny in its video element.

You upload the video, pepper it with hashtags and other information, and then share it as widely as you can.  Ask people to share it with their followers too and do whatever you can to get your video further and as wide as you possibly can for more eyes.  From there, you wait to see the views, likes, shares, and interests in your professional career roll in!

How to get yourself to the top of the charts via TikTok

Now that you have gone and done all that — congratulations — do you know how to get famous on TikTok as a musician when it comes to competing with all of the others out there doing the exact same thing?  The beauty is going to be in the details and, when put all together, you give yourself the best possible shot at reading your stardom goals.

Embrace, and rely on, hashtags:

You know all about hashtags, of course, because these are what you use on other platforms. However, when you are putting together your TikTok content, you’ll want to submit music to TikTok with a memorable hashtag that fans and sharers will love to use.  Make it short and sweet, but also fun to use.  Really embrace the power of the hashtag, as this is what gets you to be viral!  And viral means more focus on your professional career.

Consider an influencer to represent your brand:

If you are nervous about being in your own video or you don’t think you are going to be a good representative to get people talking, consider reaching out to an influencer on TikTok so that you can get the status you deserve. You’ll want to choose an influencer that lines up with the demographic and the morals that you trust and hold dear of course, but there are thousands of them waiting for you to reach out and ask for their support.

Do your research:

Since TikTok is 15-second clips and nothing longer, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a great 15 seconds from your song to grab their attention. Also, focus on creating ideas that users respond to. Get a feel for what other leaders in the billboards have done and see what users enjoy about those videos to create the same appeal in your own. Obviously, you don’t want to steal from them, but just learn about what they are doing and see why and how it works.

Bring in the fans:

Lastly, consider the idea of making it a competition. Pick something that resonates with your song and with your video and get your users to compete.  They can pick another 15 seconds of your clip and make a “better” video.  Or, they can compete with the same 15-second clip and try to make it funnier, more colorful, more dramatic, etc, etc.  Fans and users love competing with professionals and it’s a great engagement object to really do the hard work for you.

In conclusion

You know that you’ve got the skills and the personality to make it to the top, but you need the fans to get you there. The bottom line is that TikTok when used correctly, can be profitable. You just have to put your time and focus into making sure that you are putting your more interesting foot forward and that you are giving them fans and users what they care about most in your music.

Stardom is just one 15-second clip away for those who care to use it — are you ready for your true chance at the big leagues?  It’s there and waiting for you to make the most out of it.

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