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Briannagh D “Run My Check” (Music Video)

February 7, 2022

About Briannagh D
As someone who has professionally experienced all walks of entertainment – from singing and dancing to playing piano and acting – 20-year-old Briannagh D. has talent and experience far beyond her years. Briannagh released her debut “American Fab Kid” from her home in New Jersey in 2013, at just 12 years old. Since then, she continued to gain a loyal following and perform her music for various audiences across the United States, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. In 2018, her single “Feel the Beat” made it to the top spot on the Tempo Caribbean charts in more than 24 countries. Two years later, her song “Grateful” surpassed one million views on YouTube. Briannagh has also flexed her acting abilities for popular shows on Disney and NBC. She certainly has the attention of the media and her fans, and in 2022, Briannagh is well on her way to yet another year of groundbreaking success in the music and entertainment industries.

About “Run My Check”
Briannagh’s latest song is “RUN MY CHECK,” featuring Jadakiss. This pop hit has such an upbeat rhythm and catchy melody that it’s guaranteed to get audiences dancing and singing along. Accompanied by a rap from Jadakiss, Briannagh breaks down how people should not take advantage of her kindness and generosity, especially when borrowing her money. The rap echoes this theme of how the character makes a person, not what’s in their wallet. So, a person’s goodwill should be considered when they make a deal to lend out money that they worked hard to earn. Those who try to rip Briannagh off and break their promise to return her money are warned that she won’t forget their unpaid tabs. Briannagh tells those people not to ask for anything else until they have returned the amount they already owe since they will be held accountable for their debt until they pay it back.

About the video
With a special appearance from renowned comedian Michael Blackson, Briannagh D’s music video captures her roaming the streets of Beverly Hills as she does some window shopping at quite a few high-end stores. The camera completely showcases Briannagh’s animated, fun-loving personality, from her poses outside the shops to her singing and dancing in front of a red Ferrari with Blackson. It all makes sense, considering this song revolves around money. Some shots bounce between her and the dancers jamming to her track, and during the rap with Jadakiss, viewers get to see Briannagh join in the dancing while continuing her flawless performance.

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