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Wai Lana "She Speaks Sign Language" (Music Video)

June 22, 2021

About the video
Our planet is composed of 195 countries on seven continents, and it is home to nearly eight billion people. Amongst the diverse terrain, cultures, and historical events, there is one thing all living beings have in common: Mother Earth. She gives, she takes, and she has sustained us for millions of years. The least we can do is protect her beauty and magnanimity. In the new music video “She Speaks Sign Language,” Wai Lana virtually visits all the pins on the map to showcase the greatness of the earth. The planet communicates visually, from the splendor of expansive deserts to glistening ice caves to high mountain peaks. The message is that this vastness should be protected and cared for to preserve the resources and value for generations to come.

The video is rich with spiritual depth, inspiration, and wisdom. It highlights every corner of the earth and every pocket of land – even those areas that were built by people. Majestic man-made structures have become part of the planet’s landscape, and so sites like China’s Great Wall and India’s Kusum Sarovar should be respected and maintained. As Wai Lana sings and dances across the globe, her message is universal: We must live in harmony with nature and foster environmental stewardship internationally. All of us consume, and therefore all of us should restore.

About Wai Lana
Wai Lana is a world-renowned yoga instructor who is credited with pioneering the modern-day yoga movement through her award-winning TV series, Wai Lana Yoga, which has aired in the US and internationally for over three decades. For Wai Lana, yoga is not just a workout. It is a lifestyle. Every year she honors International Yoga Day with a special music video that expresses some of the deeper aspects of yoga, inviting her viewers into a world of peace, compassion, and respect for all. Her past videos include “Namaste,” “Lay Me Down,” “Beyond Time & Space,” and “Colors.” This year’s video is dynamic and upbeat, sending out an earth-friendly message. All of her previous Yoga Day releases can be found on her recent Songs for the Soul album and can best be described as “music of the heart.”

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