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Couchboy – Treason (Music Video)

August 23, 2023

Wtahc the Couchboy “Treason” Music Video
Treason, I find it hard to trust myself again
Words fail to explain the weaknesses within
Fall away, sabotaging each part of a plan
Fools say ”get back up and try this thing again”

Leaving, sometimes it takes effort to believe
Retrieving, sometimes going backwards just to see
We know anything worth fighting for is hard
We go from giving up to grasping at the stars

Treason, every second changes on a dime
We go from waiting to making up the time
Addiction, fighting off the voices from within
Insisting it’s gonna all be cleared up in the end

Written and recorded by David MacDonald
Co-engineered and mastered by Islam Gaytamirov @izzygmix
Video edited by David MacDonald


©2023 CouchboyMusic / Smudged Records (BMI/Sentric Music Publishing)

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