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Eddie Cohn "Animals (REMIX)" (Music Video)

July 28, 2021

About Eddie Cohn
LA producer and singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn keeps releasing video after video, and it’s getting hard to keep up. The last time we saw Eddie was in May with his post-industrial video for “Animals,” a song and video written in response to the chaos of 2020, the violent nature of human beings, and our striking similarities to animals. Eddie has never been afraid to pack a punch, and “Animals” has made a lasting impact with listeners. He’s accomplished an impressive depth with this song, yet as a DJ, Eddie felt compelled to dive deeper and reimagine the song with a brand-new remix.

About “Animals (REMIX)”
The “Animals (REMIX)” has a similar mysterious element to it, only this time it’s steeped in even more intrigue. Eddie Cohn is known for transcending different genres and mixing them together; this new version of “Animals” feels the same exact way. The production on the remix makes listeners feel like they’re traveling to a futuristic place or an underground nightclub. The backing music sounds oddly airy mixed with sharp and precise beats. The song is hypnotizing until the very end, a trance that’s hard to get out of. The words, however, remain unchanged from the original – although the vocals come at the listener in an echoed and mesmerizing voice. “Animals (REMIX)” has only enhanced the original song, adding a whole new dimension and mystery to the track.

About the video
Eddie Cohn is back in his city of LA, and like the remixed song, this version of the city holds a lot more eeriness. The “Animals (REMIX)” video starts with Eddie standing in an almost apocalyptic version of LA like a scene out of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. As the camera fades in and out of focus with each passing frame, a bleak gray undertone has replaced the warm airiness that was in the first video. As the story unfolds, the mysterious feeling grows. We see a person barely dressed in a mask full of grass covering their face. We also see someone dressed in white with hands snaking around their heads and covering their eyes. More faces dripping with make-up start to pop up in the surrounding water and plants. The video feels like another urban fever dream but looks more like a nightmare. It’s the perfect visual complementing the haunting yet beautiful music of this remixed track.

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