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JUDERICH EBOSEREME| LEAD ME THROUGH (Official Music Video) @juderich01 @MVHeurope

October 30, 2017

This song is born out of acknowledging the truth that we have no power of our own but of God. its another powerful inspirational gospel song from JUDERICH EBOSEREME, after the award winning song A CHILD IN YOUR HANDS.
Richard Jude Ebosereme popularly known as “JUDERICH” by fans, was born in Kano State, but from Edo to Western State in Nigeria. He was born on the 16th of August. He attended the Lagooz Academy where he had his Secondary School Certificate, then went to College of Education Ekire-Ekiti in Nigeria where he had an NCE in Economic Education, went to the University of Genoa in Italy where he hed BSE in political science and began his masters too.
The name Richard Jude Ebosereme is an icon in the youthful world, an epitome of positivity and possibilities whose psyche has been entangled in the true realities of life and God’s divine principle.
Born in a Christian family through Mr and Mrs Richard, Juderich the MD / CEO of JUDERICH EVENTS is a true African endowed with the real color of African, endowed with the real color of African ebony, irresistible and God-fearing. he is a leader in his set. he is a melancholic maestro in the temperamental world and strong in his belief for talents and dreams. He is the national youth choir MD of RCCG Italy mission, regional youth MD of RCCG region two (2) 
He speaks about four languages,Juderich is a songwriter, singer, preacher, motivational speaker, caterer, business mogul, educator, philanthropist, to mention but a few.
Richard Jude Ebosereme is a rugged, dogged, not slothful, dedicated, cheerful, passionate, supportive, down to earth fellow as said by his best friend Peter Aborishade. He also said “I am not surprised at all he has achieved and yet to achieve because, he held on to his dreams, and stayed true to it. “
The multi-talented award winner of the GMA (Italy Gospel Music Award) started his musical career at a very young age at Decross Gospel Mission (Evanezer Obey Fabiyi Ministries) where he served diligently in the choir, lead vocalist for an Accapella group (Christian Soldiers), to mention but a few.
Juderich’s experience as a growing child has been a motivation and these challenges brought him the best in him and the award-winning single “child in my hands”
He draws inspiration from the words of God, situations and life experiences.
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