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FILL ME UP – ID & OPE BELLO | Official Video @IdOpeBello @MVHeurope @musicvideohype

November 2, 2017 1098 Views

Here is the official musicvideo for “Fill Me Up” by the sensational gospel ministers ID & OPE BELLO just watch and sing along as your watch You can get the Audio on

Olivia Holladay- Violin
Aapo Kyyhkynen- Double bass
Fransien Paananen- Cello

Longing for your presence
I wanna see your glory
Fill me till I cannot contain
This is all I desire

Come and fill me up
Come and fill me now
All of you over me
Holy Spirit fill me up

There is power in your presence
Hope and joy unending
Only you can satisfy me
You are all I desire

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Holy spirit, fill me now.

Gospel Video
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