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Kailee Spark "Sparkle & Shine" (Music Video)

June 12, 2021 2215 Views

About Kailee Spark
Kailee Spark is a chaser: she’s in constant pursuit of life and love and an outlet to illuminate her thoughts and feelings. The things that make her passionate are the things that many people would overlook; she knows when to slow down. Living in Hilo, Hawaii makes serenity easier to find. She generously shares her solitude with us through her uplifting and eclectic singer/songwriter style. Music was her sole focus growing up, and picking up the guitar was no issue. As a natural wanderer, Kailee’s wanderlust became a desire too large to tame. Through her love for stories and culture, she found a way to integrate her passion for music and the human experience. Her debut album, Savor This, produced by Kukuau Studio Curator and folk/jazz musician Bub Pratt, will be released June 26th. Her signature acoustic and piano ballads will glimmer like they have when she’s performed throughout the island. As she creates, her collection of stories build as well as her lyricism and zeal.

About the video
Minor inconveniences that interrupt our day can be a total ruiner – only if we let it. In her latest video, “Sparkle & Shine,” Kailee reminds us that life is what you make of it, so if you find the good in the bad, your outlook on life will be filled with a lot more sunshine and less cloudiness. For Kailee, a dead Jeep battery means being a nomad for the day filled with a whole lot of music and plenty of new friends. She finds a place in the bed of a truck to jam out in while the drivers take the scenic route through Hawaii’s backroads. They pick up other hitchhikers, who bring their own personalities and sparkle to the truck. Whether they’re exchanging guitars or coconuts, the buoyant vocals and instrumentals never falter. The quirky crew finds themselves in the Pele Waters to cleanse themselves, soaked and sun-kissed. As the day comes to its end, the joy doesn’t. Kailee spreads that positivity to the viewer; now it’s up to us to spread it around our hometowns, our circles, and our lives.

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