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Jamell NYT "ALL NYT" (feat. Doe Pesci)

December 9, 2020

Jamell NYT is a true talent in the music industry writing, producing, performing, and recording all his own music . From serenading the New York City subway to performing for the lead singer of the PussyCat Dolls, NYT is the next big thing to look out for on the charts.

Originating from the small state of Burlington, Vermont, and currently living in New York City, Jamell NYT started his passion for music only three years ago playing in subways in the Big Apple and has exponentially expanded his music business. His devotion to music emerged from his troubling past from living as a foster child, sleeping in trains, hustling on the streets, and even recovering from spinal surgery all while still pursuing his dreams in the music industry. Jamell NYT has overcome more than one could imagine with his biological mother dying of a drug overdose only months after he had a chance to meet her. His mantra “NYT” meaning “Know Your Truth” was derived from his hardships in the past and decided to turn the darkness of it all into light through his music, using it as a coping mechanism through it all.
As an independent musician, Jamell NYT has gone to the moon and back with his short time in the music business with performances with Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and even on New Year’s Eve in NYC for FOX News’ Steve Harvey Show spending the first day of 2019 with the stars playing guitar for many infamous celebrities. Although these accomplishments are outstanding Nawtyboi LLC is looking for more and hopes to work with other musicians such as The Weeknd.

The grind never stops for Jamell NYT as he works day in day out connecting with artists, producing, and even spending his time as an account manager with the best full-service marketing agency online which brings his services beyond the music level by providing press, promotion, and publishing to the artists he works with. With the music styles of the Weeknd and striving to reach the levels of his inspiring Michael Jackson, Jamell NYT is the next big thing in the music industry without a doubt. Watch out for new music in the following months for something special coming from Jamell NYT, 2021 is not ready for what he has in store.

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