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Speedy Babyy Perez – A Bad Girl ft. Josh Rivers

July 15, 2021

Making beats, working independent and staying relevant, a sign of the times in the sprawling NYC underground scene, you don’t have to dig to far to hear the NYC Anthems being created by rising star Artist Speedy Babyy Perez. The streets are talking, a common topic of discussion in the industry rap circles are about the way he cuts drum patterns to his unique sound. Unleashed to the world is a cyclone of up market elements of Boom Bap, Trill & Trap, meshed with spacious melodies drafted to contagious soul hooks. When asked why he was inspired to become a Artist, Speedy Babyy replied “ I realized that I could also perform verses while organizing beats, people liked it, I decided why not put my mind to it, recognition came quick and people started asking for more.


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